Competition Results

Champion Beer
Highest awarded beer based on highest number of points awarded Prize Donated by HomeMakeIt
Mikko Pludra Strong Ale and Lager Doppelbock 129.5
Champion Brewer
The best brewer of the competition, determined by the number of placing points (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 3 for 3rd) Prize donated by Grain & Grape
Aaron Jenkins (Macedon Ranges Brew Club) 6 Points
Club of Show
The club with the highest number of placing points Sponsored by Cryer Malts
Bayside Brewers15 Points
Macedon Ranges Brew Club8 Points
Melbourne Brewers 5
Best Novice Brewer
Awarded to the highest placed brewer who has not placed before in any other VicBrew recognised competition. Sponsored by Keg King
Marcelo Froes
Category: Pale Lager
1117.5Czech Premium Pale LagerDavid PettyYarra Valley Brewers
2117.5Australian Premium LagerJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
3112German PilsGreg HicksBayside Brewers
4111Australian Premium LagerGeoff DonnellonNo Club
5109.5Munich HellesJarrod BoldtMelbourne Brewers
6109Munich HellesDavid KneeNo Club
7106Australian LagerUlysses De VincentisNo Club
8106Helles BockAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
9104German PilsDavid KneeNo Club
10101.5German Pilsjohn kingstonWestgate Brewers
11101Munich HellesAdrian TsebergMelbourne Brewers
1299German PilsMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1399German PilsJohn KeskeMelbourne Brewers
1498.5Czech Premium Pale LagerFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1595Munich Hellesjohn kingstonWestgate Brewers
1693.5Australian LagerAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1792.5German PilsRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
1885Czech Premium Pale LagerTim ShackleWestgate Brewers
Category: Wheat and Rye
1110WeissbierMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
2106WeissbierHugh JenkinsNo Club
3105WeissbierBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
4103.5WitbierDavid KneeNo Club
597WeissbierAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
691WeissbierAndrew PortburyBayside Brewers
789American Wheat BeerHayden HendersonMelbourne Brewers
886WeissbierRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
982Dunkles WeissbierAnt DinhamMerri Mashers
1072.5Weissbierjohn kingstonWestgate Brewers
1171WeissbierIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
Category: Dark Ale and Lager
1125SchwarzbierJohn SheehanBayside Brewers
2117SchwarzbierPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
3112Munich DunkelJarrod BoldtMelbourne Brewers
4111Vienna LagerMark SchipanoBayside Brewers
5108MarzenMarcelo FroesNo Club
6106AltbierAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
7104SchwarzbierMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
8100Vienna LagerMarcelo FroesNo Club
993.5American Brown AleHayden HendersonMelbourne Brewers
1089Irish Red AleJohn O'DriscollMelbourne Brewers
1184American Brown AleScott TrainorNo Club
1283MarzenGeoff DonnellonNo Club
1380Munich DunkelBraden HammondBayside Brewers
1477Vienna Lagerjohn kingstonWestgate Brewers
1567American Brown AleAnt DinhamMerri Mashers
1664Marzenjohn kingstonWestgate Brewers
Category: Porter and Stout
1126Baltic PorterJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
2123American PorterDaniel HeissNo Club
3119.5Sweet StoutRichard Loynes Melbourne Brewers
4110English PorterJohn McCallumBayside Brewers
597Sweet StoutJohn KeskeMelbourne Brewers
696American PorterJeremy KintighMerri Mashers
792Baltic PorterMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
892Irish StoutMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
989American PorterScott TrainorNo Club
1088Oatmeal StoutPeter VinogradoffMerri Mashers
1187Sweet StoutDiamond PapazoglouMelbourne Brewers
1284Foreign Extra StoutShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
1379Oatmeal StoutAnthony De FantiNo Club
1478Sweet StoutAnt DinhamMerri Mashers
1577Oatmeal StoutCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
1676Tropical Stout Walter MedenbachWestgate Brewers
1774Tropical Stout Michael HornMerri Mashers
Category: Strong Ale and Lager
1129.5DoppelbockMikko PludraBayside Brewers
2127Imperial StoutBraden HammondBayside Brewers
3127DoppelbockMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
4125Wee Heavyjohn kingstonWestgate Brewers
5122Imperial StoutNick JacksonMerri Mashers
6121Wee HeavyGreg HicksBayside Brewers
7121Old AleShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
8120Imperial StoutPeter VinogradoffMerri Mashers
9115DoppelbockBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
10113Imperial StoutCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
11111Dunkles BockNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
12110English BarleywineMikko PludraBayside Brewers
13108Wee HeavyJohn O'DriscollMelbourne Brewers
14106English BarleywineGreg HicksBayside Brewers
15103Imperial StoutAndrew FarrellMerri Mashers
16102Imperial StoutFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
17100Old AleBraden HammondBayside Brewers
1898English BarleywinePeter VinogradoffMerri Mashers
1994.5English Barleywinejohn kingstonWestgate Brewers
2092Wee HeavyChris SchwinghamerMerri Mashers
2190Imperial StoutChristopher HolmesMelbourne Brewers
2289English BarleywineBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
2374American BarleywineChristopher HolmesMelbourne Brewers
Category: American Pale Ale
1128.5American Pale AleGreg HicksBayside Brewers
2120American Pale AleIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
3114American Pale AlePerran CookMelbourne Brewers
4113American Pale AleHayden HendersonMelbourne Brewers
5109American Pale AleLeif PedersenNo Club
6109American Pale AleMarcelo FroesNo Club
7108American Pale AleMichael HornMerri Mashers
8108American Pale AleNigel PriceMerri Mashers
9107.5American Pale AleMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
10102American Pale AleAndrew PortburyBayside Brewers
1199.5American Pale AleAdrian TsebergMelbourne Brewers
1296American Pale AleUlysses De VincentisNo Club
1388.5American Pale AleRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
1482American Pale AleDaniel FulfordYarra Valley Brewers
1581American Pale AleHugh JenkinsNo Club
1669American Pale AleCarl SuttonNo Club
1768American Pale AleJohn EllerbockNo Club
1857American Pale AleChristopher HolmesMelbourne Brewers
1955American Pale AleRohan LoweMerri Mashers
2054American Pale AleFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
2154American Pale AleChris SchwinghamerMerri Mashers
Category: Specialty Beer
1125Specialty Wood-Aged BeerAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
2122Belgian Specialty AleChris SchwinghamerMerri Mashers
3116Experimental BeerScott TrainorNo Club
4115Fruit BeerBraden HammondBayside Brewers
5115Belgian Specialty AleJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
6112Specialty Wood-Aged BeerShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
7110Fruit BeerTodd WadeMerri Mashers
8107Experimental BeerAndrew FarrellMerri Mashers
9104RauchbierGreg HicksBayside Brewers
10103Belgian Specialty AlePerran CookMelbourne Brewers
11102Specialty Wood-Aged BeerGreg HicksBayside Brewers
12102Specialty Wood-Aged BeerMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
1394Experimental BeerJeremy KintighMerri Mashers
1493Belgian Specialty AleAndrew FarrellMerri Mashers
1591Specialty Wood-Aged BeerPeter VinogradoffMerri Mashers
1691Spice / Herb / Vegetable BeerPeter VinogradoffMerri Mashers
1790Fruit BeerDaniel HeissNo Club
1889Specialty Wood-Aged BeerNick JacksonMerri Mashers
1989Specialty Wood-Aged BeerJeremy KintighMerri Mashers
2089Experimental BeerShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
2188Specialty Wood-Aged BeerNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
2288Belgian Specialty AleShaun StaplesMerri Mashers
2387Specialty Wood-Aged BeerChristopher HolmesMelbourne Brewers
2486Experimental BeerMikko PludraBayside Brewers
2586Specialty Wood-Aged BeerCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
2685Specialty Wood-Aged BeerPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
2784Specialty Wood-Aged BeerHayden HendersonMelbourne Brewers
2880Belgian Specialty AleChristopher HolmesMelbourne Brewers
2979Fruit BeerHayden HendersonMelbourne Brewers
3077Fruit BeerJames McKennaNo Club
3174Specialty Wood-Aged BeerBraden HammondBayside Brewers
3274Fruit BeerAnt DinhamMerri Mashers
3358Experimental BeerIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
Category: Farmhouse and Wild
1129Flanders Red AleAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
2123Flanders Red AleBraden HammondBayside Brewers
3122.5Flanders Red AleTravis WaltonMerri Mashers
4115.5SaisonShaun StaplesMerri Mashers
5113Berliner WeisseJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
6111SaisonMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
7109.5Flanders Red AleShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
8109Saisoncameron kinderMerri Mashers
9108SaisonJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
10107.5SaisonBraden HammondBayside Brewers
11105SaisonDiamond PapazoglouMelbourne Brewers
12103SaisonAndrew FarrellMerri Mashers
13100Flanders Red AleHayden HendersonMelbourne Brewers
1499Flanders Red AleGrant AudrinsMerri Mashers
1598Fruit LambicMichael HornMerri Mashers
1695Biere de GardeShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
1793SaisonMichael WhiteheadMerri Mashers
1890LambicHayden HendersonMelbourne Brewers
1981SaisonGrant AudrinsMerri Mashers
2081SaisonUlysses De VincentisNo Club
2179LambicNick JacksonMerri Mashers
2269SaisonChristopher HolmesMelbourne Brewers
2368Flanders Red AleAndrew FarrellMerri Mashers
2466SaisonJames McKennaNo Club
2563Oud BruinRohan LoweMerri Mashers
2661Fruit LambicAdrian TsebergMelbourne Brewers
2753LambicWill RogersNo Club
Category: Pale and Bitter Ale
1112.5Australian Sparkling AleMarcelo FroesNo Club
2112KolschDavid KneeNo Club
3111British Golden AleShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
4110Ordinary Bittercameron kinderMerri Mashers
5108American Amber AleTodd WadeMerri Mashers
6106Best BitterShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
7104.5American Amber AleChris SpeckWestgate Brewers
8104Australian Sparkling AleDavid KneeNo Club
9103.5Strong BitterRohan LoweMerri Mashers
10103Strong BitterCarl SuttonNo Club
11102Strong BitterAndras FehervariNo Club
12100.5KolschGreg HicksBayside Brewers
13100Strong BitterCraig BatesMelbourne Brewers
1499American Amber AleScott TrainorNo Club
1599American Amber AleTim ShackleWestgate Brewers
1695.5American Amber AleNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
1794.5KolschStuart FlemingBayside Brewers
1892KolschPeter VinogradoffMerri Mashers
1989Best BitterRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
2086American Amber AleFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
2185British Golden AleRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
2283Best BitterDavid PettyYarra Valley Brewers
2377American Amber AleLeif PedersenNo Club

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