Competition Results

Champion Beer
Highest awarded beer based on highest number of points awarded Prize Donated by HomeMakeIt
Hayden Henderson ( American Brown Ale) - 127 Points
Champion Brewer
The best brewer of the competition, determined by the number of placing points (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 3 for 3rd) Prize donated by Grain & Grape
Bryce Van Denderen (7 points)
Club of Show
The club with the highest number of placing points Sponsored by Cryer Malts
Bayside Brewers (21 points)
Best Novice Brewer
Awarded to the highest placed brewer who has not placed before in any other VicBrew recognised competition. Sponsored by Keg King
Hayden Henderson
Category: Pale Lager
1126Munich HellesBraden HammondBayside Brewers
2116Australian LagerAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
3107Australian Premium LagerGeoff DonnellonNo Club
497Czech Premium Pale LagerBraden HammondBayside Brewers
591Australian Premium LagerTim ArmstrongNo Club
690Munich HellesMark FaithNo Club
790German PilsRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
887.5Czech Premium Pale LagerCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
982German PilsJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
1081.5German PilsBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1179.5Pre-Prohibition LagerBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
1278German PilsBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
1377.5Czech Premium Pale LagerTim ArmstrongNo Club
1469Czech Premium Pale LagerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
Category: Wheat and Rye
1114WeissbierClint BeeMerri Mashers
2114WeissbierRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
3113WeissbierBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
4107American Wheat BeerTIMOTHY FULLERNo Club
5105WeizenbockJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
6104.5WitbierJohn KeskeMelbourne Brewers
7104Dunkles WeissbierDavid GrayNo Club
8102.5WeissbierJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
993.5WeissbierBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
1090Dunkles WeissbierBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1176WeissbierAlex GrunwaldMelbourne Brewers
1276Dunkles WeissbierTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
1372American Wheat BeerDAVE WALTERSNo Club
1466Dunkles WeissbierBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
1552.5WitbierDavid PettyYarra Valley Brewers
Category: Dark Ale and Lager
1127American Brown AleHayden HendersonNo Club
2122SchwarzbierPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
3120Australian Dark / Old AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
4119Munich DunkelBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
5115Vienna LagerMark SchipanoNo Club
6113MarzenBraden HammondBayside Brewers
7112SchwarzbierMichael FitzpatrickWestgate Brewers
8109AltbierIan TomlinMelbourne Brewers
9107Irish Red AlePeter McPhailNo Club
10106Irish Red AleJohn O'DriscollMelbourne Brewers
11104SchwarzbierIan TomlinMelbourne Brewers
1294SchwarzbierGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1393American Brown AleJohn O'DriscollMelbourne Brewers
1488AltbierMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1587MarzenBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1686Australian Dark / Old AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
1785MarzenTobias sasseMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1883AltbierTobias sasseMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1972SchwarzbierMark FaithNo Club
Category: Porter and Stout
1117Irish StoutBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
2115Sweet StoutGreg BentleyNo Club
3114Foreign Extra StoutMichael GriffinWestgate Brewers
4112Oatmeal StoutMatt StandfieldNo Club
5112Oatmeal StoutBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
6111Baltic PorterJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
7105Irish StoutIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
8104.5English PorterPeter McPhailNo Club
9103Sweet StoutJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
10102Tropical Stout Ian BennettMelbourne Brewers
11101Irish StoutMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1299.5Oatmeal StoutDave WalkerBayside Brewers
1399Irish StoutJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
1497Sweet StoutMatt MerrickNo Club
1596Oatmeal StoutPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1696Baltic PorterAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1795Foreign Extra StoutJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
1893.5English PorterIan TomlinMelbourne Brewers
1990.5English PorterBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
2087.5English PorterMichael LeonardNo Club
2184.5Oatmeal StoutClint BeeMerri Mashers
2283Baltic PorterMark FaithNo Club
2381.5Foreign Extra StoutJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2481Sweet StoutIan TomlinMelbourne Brewers
2581American PorterMatthew MorganNo Club
2668American PorterDavid PettyYarra Valley Brewers
2739Sweet StoutPeter GannonNo Club
Category: Strong Ale and Lager
1123Dunkles BockBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
2119Imperial StoutJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
3115.5Imperial StoutPeter VinogradoffWestgate Brewers
4113English BarleywineTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
5112.5Old AleGeoff EdneyNo Club
6110.08Imperial StoutBraden HammondBayside Brewers
7108.5English BarleywineGreg HicksBayside Brewers
8106Wee HeavyJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
9105Wee HeavyGeoff EdneyNo Club
10102Wee HeavyGreg HicksBayside Brewers
1198.5English BarleywineBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1296DoppelbockBraden HammondBayside Brewers
1395American BarleywineChris MortonMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1494DoppelbockPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1587DoppelbockMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1686DoppelbockJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
1780English BarleywineJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1879English BarleywineJohn KeskeMelbourne Brewers
1979English BarleywineMikko PludraBayside Brewers
2077Wee HeavyJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2165Old Alepeter tarasuikWestgate Brewers
Category: American Pale Ale
1122American Pale AleScott TrainorNo Club
2110American Pale AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
3110American Pale AleJohn KovacsBayside Brewers
4108American Pale AleMatt MerrickNo Club
5106American Pale AleIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
6105American Pale AleMatt StandfieldNo Club
7104American Pale AleJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
8103American Pale AleMichael LeonardNo Club
9100American Pale AleGavin SmithNo Club
1098American Pale AleMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1198American Pale AleDavid SepulvedaNo Club
1296American Pale AleRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
1388American Pale AleSuzie GreenhillNo Club
1488American Pale AleRichard Loynes Melbourne Brewers
1587American Pale AleDavid PettyYarra Valley Brewers
1686American Pale AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1785American Pale AleMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1880American Pale AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
1977American Pale Alepeter tarasuikWestgate Brewers
2073American Pale AleRowan Da CostaNo Club
2165American Pale AleDean AtkinsBayside Brewers
Category: Specialty Beer
1124Specialty Wood-Aged BeerGreg HicksBayside Brewers
2123.5Spice / Herb / Vegetable BeerMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
3123Experimental BeerDavid SepulvedaNo Club
4121RauchbierBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
5121Specialty Wood-Aged BeerJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
6120Belgian Specialty AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
7120Specialty Wood-Aged BeerMikko PludraBayside Brewers
8112Belgian Specialty AleJohn KeskeMelbourne Brewers
9109Experimental BeerBarrie MowbrayWestgate Brewers
10107.5Specialty Wood-Aged BeerBraden HammondBayside Brewers
11106Fruit BeerJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
12105Fruit BeerScott TrainorNo Club
13103Belgian Specialty AleIan TomlinMelbourne Brewers
14103Fruit BeerHuw DuddyNo Club
15101Fruit BeerGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
16101Fruit BeerGreg HicksBayside Brewers
1799.5Winter Seasonal BeerIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
1898Belgian Specialty AleAlex GrunwaldMelbourne Brewers
1997Belgian Specialty AleBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
2093Belgian Specialty AleBraden HammondBayside Brewers
2190.5Experimental BeerLewis KerrMerri Mashers
2287Experimental BeerBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
2385Specialty Wood-Aged BeerRowan Da CostaNo Club
2484Experimental BeerPeter GannonNo Club
2584Belgian Specialty AleTravis WaltonMerri Mashers
2677Fruit BeerMikko PludraBayside Brewers
2772Winter Seasonal BeerPeter GannonNo Club
2870Specialty Wood-Aged BeerLewis KerrMerri Mashers
2957Spice / Herb / Vegetable BeerMatt MerrickNo Club
3049Fruit BeerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
3143Specialty Wood-Aged BeerRhys AllenMacedon Ranges Brew Club
Category: Farmhouse and Wild
1125LambicMikko PludraBayside Brewers
2121Berliner WeisseJeffrey BellMerri Mashers
3120Fruit LambicChris MortonMacedon Ranges Brew Club
4116LambicDave WalkerBayside Brewers
5108SaisonRoss McFerranNo Club
6107Oud BruinAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
7105SaisonJohn LambertNo Club
8104SaisonMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
9103Oud BruinBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
10103Fruit LambicBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
11102SaisonJesse SwallowMerri Mashers
1294SaisonMatt StandfieldNo Club
1392Fruit LambicAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1481SaisonClint BeeMerri Mashers
1568SaisonBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
Category: Pale and Bitter Ale
1118.5KolschJohn KeskeMelbourne Brewers
2116KolschPeter VinogradoffWestgate Brewers
3114.5Strong BitterMatt StandfieldNo Club
4113British Golden AleCharles JohnstonYarra Valley Brewers
5112British Golden AleJohn O'DriscollMelbourne Brewers
6110.5KolschTim ArmstrongNo Club
7109Australian Sparkling AleAlex GrunwaldMelbourne Brewers
8108.5Best BitterMark FaithNo Club
9108American Amber AlePeter McPhailNo Club
10107.5British Golden AleMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
11106Best BitterHuw DuddyNo Club
1299.5Australian Sparkling AleCharles JohnstonYarra Valley Brewers
1399Strong BitterRob BoniciNo Club
1492.5American Amber AleRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
1591.5Australian Sparkling AleDave WalkerBayside Brewers
1687American Amber AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
1783Australian Sparkling AleTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
1882Australian Sparkling AleLewis KerrMerri Mashers
1981British Golden AleAlex GrunwaldMelbourne Brewers
2055Strong BitterDAVE WALTERSNo Club
2152Best BitterJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers

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