Competition Results

Brewpub in Clifton Hill Specialist food & beverage equipment, supplies & workshops Incorporating an eatery, cafe, bar, micro-brewery, distillery, winery, cheese & meat rooms, coffee roaster & store, there's always things to eat, drink, make, learn or shop for at our The Craft & Co! 167 Henty St Reservoir Vic 3073 We're a homebrew and winemaking business in Yarraville in Melbourne and have been operating for over 25 years. We specialize in all grain brewing but also cater to brewers and winemakers from beginners to experts.

We also supply Craft Breweries with Wyeast liquid yeast cultures & Speidel 500 and 200 litre Braumeisters, tanks, crown seals and a range of general brewing products. Our quest is to alleviate the world of beer poverty by supplying brewers premium quality independent craft brewing supplies. Independent family owned bottle shop in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. We specialise in small boutique producers of spirits, wine & beer.
Head Brewer Ben Simmons will select a winning beer to be brewed on his equipment at Clifton Hill.
Joel Broad
The selected beer will be brewed on the flash new brewhouse at Craft & Co, Collingwood.
Julian Robinson
The brewer amassing the most points across the competition will receive a Hawkers slab plus a 4 pack of special limited release beers (brand spanking new) and an option to spend a few hours with co-founder and chief spokesman Mazen Hajar talking business as part of a day at the brewery, in Reservoir.
Scott Trainor
$250 voucher to use across the bar of for bottled beers, at Carwyn Cellars.
Dale Messina
The most successful brewer who has not previously placed at a BJCP-sanctioned event will receive a $250 voucher to be spent at Grain & Grape, Yarraville.
Scott Trainor
Incredible loot to the club accumulating the greatest points across the comp: 25Kg of Gladfield Malt split across 3 x 5Kg bags of Base Malt & 10 x 1Kg bags of Specialty Malt – RRP value of $100.35 5 x 100g of Hops – selection of NZ AU US & EU Hops – RRP value of $49.75 3 x GigaYeast Gold Pitches – selection – RRP - $44.85 $50 voucher for and a selection of Gladfield Malt & GigaYeast merch – shirts, caps, openers etc est. Prize value of $100+
Merri Mashers
Category: Rye IPA
1110Rye IPAMark ConnorsMerri Mashers
296Rye IPADavid PettyYarra Valley Brewers
379Rye IPACameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
476Rye IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
Category: White IPA
1123.75White IPADale MessinaNo Club
295.25White IPAMichael FittWestgate Brewers
393.75White IPAAshton WalkerMerri Mashers
Category: Brown IPA
1102Brown IPALuke DrenenMerri Mashers
2100Brown IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
392Brown IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
490Brown IPAMark ConnorsMerri Mashers
585Brown IPACraig TabbWestgate Brewers
Category: Black IPA
198Black IPADuncan JohnstonMerri Mashers
294Black IPAJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
390Black IPABenn Walton No Club
482Black IPACameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
575Black IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
Category: Belgian IPA
1108Belgian IPAJames CampbellMerri Mashers
280.25Belgian IPANick LaurieNo Club
371.25Belgian IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
Category: Red IPA
1116.625Red IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
2102.75Red IPANeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
3100.5Red IPAKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
497.5Red IPADavid PettyYarra Valley Brewers
595.625Red IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
694.125Red IPALuke DrenenMerri Mashers
783.25Red IPAAlex HolmesMerri Mashers
879.125Red IPADean SmithMerri Mashers
978.375Red IPAShaun LawsonMerri Mashers
1073.125Red IPATodd KitchenNo Club
1154.375Red IPAPaul McMurrayMelbourne Brewers
Category: American IPA
1120American IPAScott TrainorNo Club
2112.5American IPAKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
3111American IPATodd KitchenNo Club
4111American IPABrett LenneMerri Mashers
5110.25American IPAJohn DykesMelbourne Brewers
6106.5American IPANick RichardsMerri Mashers
7105.75American IPAJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
8103.5American IPABrett LenneMerri Mashers
9103.5American IPARhys AllenMacedon Ranges Brew Club
10103.5American IPAMark ConnorsMerri Mashers
11103.5American IPADale MessinaNo Club
12102.75American IPADan KooreyNo Club
13102.75American IPAJohn DykesMelbourne Brewers
1497.5American IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
1592.25American IPAMichael BrownNo Club
1690.75American IPAAndrew HamiltonMelbourne Brewers
1789.25American IPACharles JohnstonYarra Valley Brewers
1887.75American IPARob PogueMerri Mashers
1987American IPAScott TrainorNo Club
2084.75American IPAJohn DykesMelbourne Brewers
2183.25American IPAAlick WeberMerri Mashers
2280.25American IPANick LaurieNo Club
2378American IPABrad HurleyNo Club
2478American IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
2578American IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
Category: Double IPA
1105.75Double IPAHamish BrownNo Club
2102Double IPAScott TrainorNo Club
399Double IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
493.75Double IPABrad ButlerNo Club
581.75Double IPAShaya RubinsteinBayside Brewers
681Double IPAMichael ForemanNo Club
780.25Double IPAJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
878.75Double IPAChris MortonMacedon Ranges Brew Club
Category: English IPA
196.75English IPAJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
251.75English IPAPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
Category: Specialty IPA
1119.25Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BJoel BroadNo Club
2107.625Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BTim ArmstrongNo Club
3105.75Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21Bpaul mclaurinWestgate Brewers
4103.5Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
5102Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
6101.25Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BShaun LawsonMerri Mashers
797.5Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BDavid WiltonMerri Mashers
888.875Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
985.5Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BBrad HurleyNo Club
1076.5Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BTravis WaltonNo Club
1171.25Specialty IPA not otherwise described in Section 21BDean SmithMerri Mashers

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