Competition Results

Best Novice
For the best placed brewer who has not placed previously in a Vicbrew affiliated competition
Brad Hurley (American Pale Ale) 128 pts
Best Club
The club with the most points as determined by placings (3 pts for each 1st, 2 for each 2nd, 1pt for each 3rd place)
Bayside Brewers (11 Pts) Westgate Brewers (10 pts) Melbourne Brewers (8 pts)
Best Brewer
Best brewer, as determined by the number of points scored for placings (3pts for each 1st, 2 pts for each 2nd, and 1 pt for each 3rd placing)
John Kingston (7 pts)
Best Beer
Awarded to the highest point score across the competition
American Pale Ale (Brad Hurley) - 128 pts
Category: 1. Pale Lager
1126.58. Bohemium PilsnerTim ArmstrongNo Club
2125.57. German PilsnerBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
3121.57. German PilsnerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
41184. Vienna LagerDaniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
5115.58. Bohemium PilsnerCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
61135. Dortmunder ExportAdam GalleMelbourne Brewers
71123. Munich HellesChris MortonMacedon Ranges Brew Club
81127. German PilsnerRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
9111.54. Vienna LagerAdam GalleMelbourne Brewers
101084. Vienna LagerDan FardonMerri Mashers
111033. Munich HellesBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
12101.53. Munich HellesTodd KitchenNo Club
13983. Munich HellesJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
14974. Vienna LagerCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
15793. Munich Hellesluke McCroneWestgate Brewers
16778. Bohemium PilsnerTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
17773. Munich HellesJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
18747. German PilsnerJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
Category: 2. Wheat Beer
11084. HeffeweizenBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
2963. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)Chris MortonMacedon Ranges Brew Club
3684. HeffeweizenCameron EldridgeMerri Mashers
4674. HeffeweizenGreg BentleyNo Club
5634. HeffeweizenRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
Category: 3. Dark Ale and Lager
1118.51. Oktoberfest/MarzenJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
21186. Dusseldorf AltbierJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
31174. Northern English Brown AlePeter McPhailNo Club
41162. Munich DunkelJason BarnettMelbourne Brewers
51155. Australian Dark/Old AleMark HibberdBayside Brewers
61152. Munich DunkelBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
71127. American Brown AleMichael FittWestgate Brewers
81087. American Brown AleChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
91044. Northern English Brown AleJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
10935. Australian Dark/Old AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
11894. Northern English Brown AleJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
12801. Oktoberfest/MarzenDaniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
13792. Munich DunkelLin LimMelbourne Brewers
Category: 4. Strong Ale and Lager
11257. English Barleywineluke McCroneWestgate Brewers
21206. Strong Scotch AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
31171. Maibock/Helles BockBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
41137. English BarleywineTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
51024. EisbockJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
6993. Traditional BockBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
7987. English BarleywineJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
8961. Maibock/Helles BockJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
Category: 5. Porter & Stout
11188. Russian Imperial StoutJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
2117.55. Oatmeal StoutBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
31178. Russian Imperial StoutMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
4116.58. Russian Imperial StoutJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
51138. Russian Imperial StoutTim ArmstrongNo Club
61128. Russian Imperial StoutChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
71116. Dry StoutPeter McPhailNo Club
81102. Robust PorterJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
91098. Russian Imperial StoutMichael FittWestgate Brewers
101078. Russian Imperial StoutTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
111062. Robust PorterChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
121068. Russian Imperial StoutDan FardonMerri Mashers
131051. Brown PorterNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
141048. Russian Imperial StoutImants VitolinsNo Club
15100.53. Baltic PorterRhys AllenMacedon Ranges Brew Club
16996. Dry StoutBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
17992. Robust PorterMichael FittWestgate Brewers
1896.52. Robust PorterJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
19918. Russian Imperial StoutGreg BentleyNo Club
2088.58. Russian Imperial StoutPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
21834. Sweet StoutGreg BentleyNo Club
22838. Russian Imperial StoutRohan LoweMerri Mashers
23823. Baltic PorterJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
2474.58. Russian Imperial StoutJon TewNo Club
Category: 6. Pale Ale
11281. American Pale AleBrad HurleyNo Club
21255. Irish Red AleRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
3123.52. KolschTodd KitchenNo Club
41203. English Pale AleGavin EllicottNo Club
51181. American Pale AleNick LaurieNo Club
6117.51. American Pale AleChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
7115.51. American Pale AleRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
81135. Irish Red AleLandon MossNo Club
91132. KolschEduard SvalbeMelbourne Brewers
10109.51. American Pale AleScott TrainorNo Club
111061. American Pale AleRussell PaulinMelbourne Brewers
121054. Australian Pale AleEduard SvalbeMelbourne Brewers
13104.51. American Pale AleTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
14104.51. American Pale AlePeter McPhailNo Club
151043. English Pale AleJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
16101.51. American Pale AleJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
171003. English Pale AlePaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1898.51. American Pale AleDan FardonMerri Mashers
1998.51. American Pale AleJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
20971. American Pale AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
21971. American Pale AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
22963. English Pale AleJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
23911. American Pale AleJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
2487.51. American Pale AleTodd KitchenNo Club
25821. American Pale AleBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
26815. Irish Red AleJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
27704. Australian Pale AleScott TrainorNo Club
2860.54. Australian Pale AleJason BarnettMelbourne Brewers
29602. KolschLin LimMelbourne Brewers
Category: 7. Farm Ale and Wild Beer
11174. Flanders Red AleRuth BarryMerri Mashers
2115.53. Biere de GardeTIMOTHY FULLERNo Club
31131. WitbierMichael FittWestgate Brewers
498.52. SaisonRoger CheesmanMelbourne Brewers
5975. Flanders Brown Ale/ Ouid BruinRuth BarryMerri Mashers
6958. Fruit LambicBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
7912. SaisonJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
8918. Fruit LambicDan FardonMerri Mashers
9905. Flanders Brown Ale/ Ouid BruinBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1089.52. SaisonChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
11866. Straight (unblended) Lambicdavid pulleineNo Club
12862. SaisonAlick WeberMerri Mashers
13859. Berliner WeisseTravis WaltonNo Club
14852. SaisonJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
15779. Berliner WeisseJon TewNo Club
16752. SaisonJon TewNo Club
17592. SaisonNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
Category: 8. Specialty Beer
1124.51. Fruit BeerTravis WaltonNo Club
21207. Wood Aged BeerJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
31147. Wood Aged BeerTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
41147. Other SpecialtyGavin EllicottNo Club
5113.57. Other SpecialtyJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
61127. Wood Aged BeerJon TewNo Club
71025. Belgian Specialty AleMark HibberdBayside Brewers
81001. Fruit BeerLandon MossNo Club
91001. Fruit BeerJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
101003. Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced BeerPaul ChapmanMacedon Ranges Brew Club
111001. Fruit BeerTodd KitchenNo Club
1298.57. Other SpecialtySteven VolkmanNo Club
13981. Fruit BeerDan FardonMerri Mashers
14985. Belgian Specialty AleSteven VolkmanNo Club
15955. Belgian Specialty AleLandon MossNo Club
1693.57. Other SpecialtyJon TewNo Club
1791.57. Wood Aged BeerTim ArmstrongNo Club
1887.57. Other SpecialtyJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
19847. Wood Aged BeerJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
20837. Other SpecialtyTIMOTHY FULLERNo Club
21781. Fruit BeerBrad HurleyNo Club
22751. Fruit BeerLin LimMelbourne Brewers

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