Competition Results

Champion Brewer of Show award Best Club of Show award Champion Beer of Show Best Novice Brewer
Champion Brewer (Sponsor: Red Duck)
Awarded to the brewer with the highest number of points awarded for their beers.
Kris Domagala (Merri Mashers)
Champion Beer of Show (Sponsor: Cryer Malt)
Awarded to the highest scoring beer across all categories in the show (Excluding Categories 19 & 20)
Mikko Pludra (Specialty Beer - Fruit Beer (129.75 Points)
Best Novice Brewer (Sponsor: Home Make It)
Awarded to the highest places entrant who has not previously placed at a VICBrew event
Greg Hicks (Bayside Brewers)
The Barney (Best Club of Show) (Sponsor: Bintani)
Awarded to the club whose members achieved the highest number of points awarded.
1st Bayside Brewers (36 Points) 2nd Merri Mashers (23 Points) 3rd Westgate Brewers (16 Points)
Scott Vernon Perpetual Trophy for Best Exhibited Club
Category: Low Alcohol
1117Mild AlePhil RaynerNo Club
2114English BitterPhil RaynerNo Club
3109Leichtes WeizenGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
4103Mild AleMichael KostBayside Brewers
5101Mild AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
696Scottish Light AleAndrew OldroydNo Club
790English BitterCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
888Leichtes WeizenBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
985Scottish Light AleDaniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
1077English BitterMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1162Southern English Brown Aleluke McCroneWestgate Brewers
1260Scottish Light AleMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
1339Southern English Brown AleMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
Category: Pale Lager
1115Australian LagerBraden HammondBayside Brewers
294Munich HellesNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
384Australian Premium LagerGeoff DonnellonNo Club
482Australian Premium LagerGary HattwellNo Club
580Australian Premium LagerMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
670Australian Premium LagerMark HibberdBayside Brewers
765Munich HellesGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
864DortmunderMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
959Dortmunderstewart wilkinsonNo Club
1058DortmunderGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1153Munich HellesCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
1251Pale Continental LagerGraham GoughNo Club
Category: Pilsner
1128German PilsnerGreg HicksBayside Brewers
2111German PilsnerPaul BowlenWorthogs
3110Bohemian PilsnerDaniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
4107Bohemian PilsnerDominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
5104German PilsnerCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
6102Bohemian PilsnerShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
792.5Bohemian PilsnerPhil RaynerNo Club
890.5German PilsnerGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
988Bohemian PilsnerMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1087German PilsnerLinton YoungMelbourne Brewers
1185German PilsnerDan FardonMerri Mashers
1281German PilsnerShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
1377German PilsnerAlexis SpencerWorthogs
1476.5Bohemian PilsnerPaul BowlenWorthogs
1573Bohemian PilsnerScott TrainorNo Club
1671.5Bohemian PilsnerMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1769German PilsnerJon TewNo Club
1866.5German Pilsnerstewart wilkinsonNo Club
1952.5German PilsnerTim ArmstrongNo Club
Category: Amber & Dark Lager
1123SchwarzbierRick GilbertBayside Brewers
2117.5Munich DunkelNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
3112.5California Common BeerJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
4108Vienna LagerNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
5105.5Oktoberfest/Marzenmichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
6105SchwarzbierDarren PiasenteNo Club
7105Oktoberfest/MarzenGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
892Schwarzbiermichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
991.5Munich DunkelDominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
1089Oktoberfest/MarzenMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1187Vienna LagerMark SchipanoNo Club
1278.5North German AltbierNathan GallagherNo Club
1376SchwarzbierMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1461Vienna LagerGrant CadwallanderNo Club
1558Oktoberfest/MarzenJon TewNo Club
1642Munich DunkelJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
Category: Strong Lager (> 6% ABV)
1117DoppelbockKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
2107Traditional BockMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
3104DoppelbockDaniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
4102Traditional Bockmark beevisNo Club
5102DoppelbockCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
697Doppelbockmark beevisNo Club
795DoppelbockJon TewNo Club
895Maibock/HellesbockGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
995Traditional BockPaul BowlenWorthogs
1092Traditional BockCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
1180DoppelbockTom CooperMelbourne Brewers
Category: Pale Ale
1111.5KölschBrian JuffsNo Club
2110Blonde AlePhil RaynerNo Club
3107KölschPhil RaynerNo Club
499.5KölschGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
599.5Australian Pale AleMalcolm HortonNo Club
697.5English Pale AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
796.5KölschBrad HurleyNo Club
895KölschJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
995English Pale AleGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1093.5Belgian Pale AleDaniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
1192.5Blonde AleKris NilsenMerri Mashers
1292.5Australian Pale AleMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1392Australian Pale AleMichael KostBayside Brewers
1489.5English Pale AleJacob RottmanWorthogs
1589.5Belgian Pale AleAndrew OldroydNo Club
1688.5Belgian Pale AleJesse RoseWestgate Brewers
1788Blonde AleMalcolm HortonNo Club
1886Australian Pale AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1983.5Blonde AleMike PooleyMelbourne Brewers
2068.5English Pale AleShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
Category: American Pale Ale
1110.5American Pale AleCharles JohnstonYarra Valley Brewers
2105.5American Pale AleShaun LawsonMerri Mashers
3103.5American Pale AleJohn DykesMelbourne Brewers
4103American Pale AleJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
5102American Pale AlePeter ImisonWorthogs
699.5American Pale AleEvan RogersonNo Club
798American Pale AlePhil RaynerNo Club
897American Pale AleMike PooleyMelbourne Brewers
994American Pale AleGary HattwellNo Club
1094American Pale AleDominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
1192.5American Pale Alecameron kinderNo Club
1289American Pale AleBrad HurleyNo Club
1386American Pale AleKris NilsenMerri Mashers
1486American Pale AleDale MessinaNo Club
1586American Pale AleShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
1684.5American Pale AleGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1782American Pale AleAlick WeberMerri Mashers
1881American Pale AleMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1979American Pale AleJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
2076American Pale AleMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
2174American Pale AleShane MurphyNo Club
2273American Pale AleDuncan FinlayNo Club
2373American Pale AleGreg BentleyNo Club
2472American Pale AleDavid WardBayside Brewers
2572American Pale AleMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2665American Pale AleAlexis SpencerWorthogs
2765American Pale AleGeoff DonnellonNo Club
2862American Pale AleCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
2961American Pale AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
3048American Pale AleGraham GoughNo Club
310American Pale AleSam WillsWestgate Brewers
Category: Bitter Ale
1123.5English Best BitterNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
2122.5English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Tom CooperMelbourne Brewers
3113.5English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Michael MullerNo Club
4113Düsseldorfer AltbierSebastian StiegerNo Club
5111English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Clare SheppardWestgate Brewers
6111Düsseldorfer AltbierNathan Pearce-BoltecNo Club
7110.5American Amber AleGreg HicksBayside Brewers
8108.5English Best BitterAndrew OldroydNo Club
9107American Amber AleAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
10105American Amber AleDominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
11102American Amber AleClare SheppardWestgate Brewers
12102English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Matt StandfieldNo Club
1398English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Morore PiripiBayside Brewers
1494.5English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)John HorganWestgate Brewers
1589.5American Amber AleDale MessinaNo Club
1689English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Mike PooleyMelbourne Brewers
1788.5American Amber AlePeter DaleNo Club
1888.5English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Mark SpiesMerri Mashers
1988English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Grant MorleyWestgate Brewers
2082English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Daniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
2173American Amber AleHoward GraceNo Club
2272English Best BitterPhil RaynerNo Club
2370English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Grant CadwallanderNo Club
Category: Brown Ale
1127Scottish AleDominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
2119Northern English Brown AleDale MessinaNo Club
3113Irish Red AleJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
4108.5Irish Red AleAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
5106Australian Dark/Old AleSebastian StiegerNo Club
6103Irish Red AleShane MurphyNo Club
7102Northern English Brown AlePhil RaynerNo Club
8101American Brown AleAl NicolsonNo Club
9100American Brown AleSteven VolkmanNo Club
1099Northern English Brown AleImants VitolinsNo Club
1196American Brown AleAndrew OldroydNo Club
1295Irish Red AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1393American Brown Alecameron kinderNo Club
1493Australian Dark/Old AleDaniel Court & Paul RichterNo Club
1592American Brown AleAaron JenkinsMacedon Ranges Brew Club
1691.5American Brown AleMike PooleyMelbourne Brewers
1788American Brown AleAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
1887Northern English Brown AleJesse RoseWestgate Brewers
1985American Brown AleSean ReynoldsNo Club
2083American Brown AleMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
2181.5American Brown AleDominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
2277Northern English Brown AleGrant CadwallanderNo Club
2377Australian Dark/Old AleTim ArmstrongNo Club
2473American Brown AleMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2566.5Northern English Brown AleSam WillsWestgate Brewers
2666Irish Red AleGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
2757Northern English Brown AleNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
2841.5Irish Red AleCharles JohnstonYarra Valley Brewers
Category: Porter
1119Baltic PorterJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
2111.5Robust PorterDeon SmitMerri Mashers
3108.5Brown PorterShane MurphyNo Club
4108Brown Porterluke McCroneWestgate Brewers
5106Baltic PorterAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
6105Robust PorterDale MessinaNo Club
797Brown PorterNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
896Robust Porterpeter yellandBayside Brewers
989Robust Porterstewart wilkinsonNo Club
1087Robust PorterGeoff DonnellonNo Club
1186.5Robust PorterJacob LeesNo Club
1284Robust PorterMike PooleyMelbourne Brewers
1383Brown PorterPhil RaynerNo Club
1482.5Robust PorterGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1579Brown PorterBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1676.5Brown PorterNick LaurieNo Club
1775Baltic PorterKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
1874.5Brown PorterEdward CoxNo Club
1971Robust PorterPeter ImisonWorthogs
2063.5Baltic PorterDuncan FinlayNo Club
2143Robust PorterMicheal LarkinNo Club
Category: Stout
1109.5Sweet StoutJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
2104.5Dry StoutDavid WardBayside Brewers
3100.5Oatmeal StoutShaun LawsonMerri Mashers
498Sweet StoutPeter DaleNo Club
596Sweet StoutGreg BentleyNo Club
695Sweet StoutMatt BlanksBayside Brewers
794.5Oatmeal StoutMark SpiesMerri Mashers
894.5Sweet StoutMalcolm HortonNo Club
994Oatmeal StoutDominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
1093.5Oatmeal StoutRupert EndsorNo Club
1193.5Oatmeal StoutBraden HammondBayside Brewers
1290.5Dry StoutGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1389.5Sweet StoutGraham GoughNo Club
1489Oatmeal StoutGreg HicksBayside Brewers
1589Dry StoutAndrew OldroydNo Club
1689Oatmeal StoutAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
1789Oatmeal StoutJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
1887Oatmeal StoutMatt StandfieldNo Club
1983.5Sweet StoutClare SheppardWestgate Brewers
2080.5Oatmeal Stoutpeter yellandBayside Brewers
2179.5Dry StoutBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
2268.5Dry StoutAl NicolsonNo Club
2362Oatmeal StoutFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
2458Oatmeal StoutMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2551Dry StoutPaul BowlenWorthogs
Category: Strong Stout (>6% ABV)
1126.5Russian Imperial StoutKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
2124Russian Imperial StoutImants VitolinsNo Club
3117Russian Imperial StoutJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
4116Russian Imperial StoutDan FardonMerri Mashers
5116Russian Imperial StoutMikko PludraBayside Brewers
6115Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutBrian JuffsNo Club
7114.5American StoutMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
8110Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutDale MessinaNo Club
9110Russian Imperial StoutJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
10109Russian Imperial StoutJesse RoseWestgate Brewers
11106Russian Imperial Stoutsye declerckNo Club
12106Russian Imperial StoutGreg HicksBayside Brewers
13105Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutNathan Pearce-BoltecNo Club
14105Russian Imperial Stoutpeter yellandBayside Brewers
15104Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
16103Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutJohn DykesMelbourne Brewers
1798Russian Imperial StoutFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1898Russian Imperial StoutGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1997American StoutBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
2096.5Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutSam WillsWestgate Brewers
2196Russian Imperial StoutChristopher GillBayside Brewers
2296American StoutSebastian StiegerNo Club
2395Russian Imperial StoutMichael FittWestgate Brewers
2494Russian Imperial StoutSteven BarnettMerri Mashers
2592.5American StoutJon TewNo Club
2688Russian Imperial StoutDuncan FinlayNo Club
2785Russian Imperial StoutSam WillsWestgate Brewers
280Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutHelen HewsonNo Club
Category: India Pale Ale
1113American IPAMatt MerrickMerri Mashers
2110American IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
3108American IPAsye declerckNo Club
4105English IPAMatt MerrickMerri Mashers
5102.5American IPABraden HammondBayside Brewers
6102American IPAJacob LeesNo Club
795American IPAJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
894English IPABarry RobertsBayside Brewers
992American IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
1091.5American IPABryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1191American IPAJoel EllisNo Club
1290Imperial IPATodd KitchenNo Club
1387Imperial IPAPeter ImisonWorthogs
1485American IPAMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1585American IPAJorge MiraveteNo Club
1682American IPANeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
1781.5American IPADuncan FinlayNo Club
1881American IPAPeter LowndesNo Club
1979.5American IPADominic Tyley-MillerNo Club
2078American IPAKris NilsenMerri Mashers
2175American IPAPat O'SullivanNo Club
2275English IPAAlexis SpencerWorthogs
2375American IPAGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
2472.5American IPAGreg HicksBayside Brewers
2558American IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
2655American IPADavid WardBayside Brewers
2754American IPADale MessinaNo Club
2830Imperial IPADan FardonMerri Mashers
Category: Strong Ale (>6% ABV)
1118Old Ale (English Strong Ale)John SheehanBayside Brewers
2117.5Strong Scotch AleKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
3116.5English Barley wineluke McCroneWestgate Brewers
4115.5Strong Scotch AleRussell PaulinMelbourne Brewers
5112Strong Scotch AleCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
6112American Barley wineMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
7107Old Ale (English Strong Ale)Phil RaynerNo Club
8103Old Ale (English Strong Ale)Craig TabbWestgate Brewers
9102Strong Scotch AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
10102Strong Scotch AleDavid WardBayside Brewers
11101Old Ale (English Strong Ale)Matt StandfieldNo Club
1299Strong Scotch AleAndrew McDermottBayside Brewers
1396American Barley wineGreg BentleyNo Club
1491American Barley wineJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
1576Old Ale (English Strong Ale)Charles JohnstonYarra Valley Brewers
160Strong Scotch AleJohn DykesMelbourne Brewers
Category: Belgian Strong Ale (>6% ABV)
1110.5Belgian Blond AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
297.5Belgian Strong Dark AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
393Belgian Strong Dark AleKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
492Belgian Blond AleMatt BlanksBayside Brewers
582Belgian Strong Dark AleGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
680.5Belgian Strong Golden AleDuncan FinlayNo Club
776Belgian Blond AlePhil RaynerNo Club
876Belgian Strong Golden AleJohn DykesMelbourne Brewers
973.5TripelFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1070.5Belgian Strong Dark AleChristopher GillBayside Brewers
1168DubbelDuncan FinlayNo Club
1266.5DubbelAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
1364.5TripelMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
1462.5DubbelAndrew OldroydNo Club
1561Belgian Blond AleMichael KostBayside Brewers
1660TripelJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
1759TripelGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1849DubbelPeter WindmillNo Club
1947.5DubbelBrian JuffsNo Club
2046Belgian Strong Golden AleCraig TabbWestgate Brewers
2145.5DubbelPeter LowndesNo Club
220Tripel Westgate Brewers
230TripelPatrick McGlynnNo Club
Category: Wheat & Rye Beer
1127.5Roggenbier (Rye)Morore PiripiBayside Brewers
2127Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Grant MorleyWestgate Brewers
3118.5Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Bryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
4114American Wheat or Rye BeerMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
5104.5Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Michael BowronWestgate Brewers
6103Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Damian NippardWestgate Brewers
7101.5Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Matt DanielMelbourne Brewers
897American Wheat or Rye BeerBrad HurleyNo Club
985Dunkel WeizenPeter ImisonWorthogs
1082Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)sye declerckNo Club
1180Dunkel WeizenPeter DaleNo Club
1276American Wheat or Rye BeerPeter DaleNo Club
1376Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Edward CoxNo Club
1473.5American Wheat or Rye BeerKris NilsenMerri Mashers
Category: Farmhouse Ale & Wild Beer
1120.75Flanders Red AleCraig DitchamBayside Brewers
2112.5Biere de Gardepeter yellandBayside Brewers
3111SaisonMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
4110.25SaisonMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
5108Flanders Red AleMikko PludraBayside Brewers
6107.25Berliner WeißeJoel EllisNo Club
7105.75GueuzeAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
8105Flanders Red AleIan JonesNo Club
9104.25Fruit LambicBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
10104.25SaisonJacob RottmanWorthogs
11103.5Flanders Brown Ale/Ouid BruinJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
12102Berliner Weißecameron kinderNo Club
13100.5Flanders Brown Ale/Ouid BruinIan JonesNo Club
1498.25Flanders Brown Ale/Ouid BruinBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1597.5Fruit LambicAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
1696.75Witbier (White)Kris NilsenMerri Mashers
1795.25GueuzeDan FardonMerri Mashers
1895.25SaisonDeon SmitMerri Mashers
1994.5SaisonMichael MullerNo Club
2094.5Flanders Red AleJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
2194.5Berliner WeißeGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
2292.25SaisonNick EllisMerri Mashers
2379.5SaisonDale MessinaNo Club
2473.5SaisonChristopher GillBayside Brewers
250Witbier (White)Andrew OldroydNo Club
Category: Specialty Beer
1129.75Fruit BeerMikko PludraBayside Brewers
2123.75Classic Rauchbier (Smoked Marzen)Greg HicksBayside Brewers
3121.5Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
4121.5Other SpecialtyJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
5121.5Other Specialtysye declerckNo Club
6117.75Belgian Specialty AleKarl HansalNo Club
7117Belgian Specialty Alepeter yellandBayside Brewers
8117Other SpecialtyCraig DitchamBayside Brewers
9116.25Fruit BeerSteven VolkmanNo Club
10116.25Other SpecialtyPeter DaleNo Club
11115.5Other SpecialtyDale MessinaNo Club
12114.75Wood-aged BeerJon TewNo Club
13114Fruit BeerDarren PiasenteNo Club
14114Belgian Specialty AleIan JonesNo Club
15112.5Wood-aged BeerJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
16110.25Wood-aged BeerDeon SmitMerri Mashers
17108Belgian Specialty AleRick GilbertBayside Brewers
18108Belgian Specialty AleSteven VolkmanNo Club
19106.5Fruit BeerClare SheppardWestgate Brewers
20105Other SpecialtyJohn HorganWestgate Brewers
21105Other SpecialtyFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
22105Wood-aged BeerJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
23102.75Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced BeerJacob RottmanWorthogs
24102Classic Rauchbier (Smoked Marzen)Michael BowronWestgate Brewers
25101.25Fruit BeerGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
2699.75Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerAlick WeberMerri Mashers
2799.75Belgian Specialty AleDarren PiasenteNo Club
2899Classic Rauchbier (Smoked Marzen)Bryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
2998.25Fruit BeerDavid WardBayside Brewers
3097.5Other SpecialtyMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
3196Other SpecialtyJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
3293Other SpecialtyHoward GraceNo Club
3391.5Fruit BeerDan FardonMerri Mashers
3491.5Other SpecialtyScott TrainorNo Club
3590Belgian Specialty AleArne BiesiekierskiNo Club
3688.5Belgian Specialty AleMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
3787.75Wood-aged BeerLinton YoungMelbourne Brewers
3887Wood-aged BeerMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
3979.5Belgian Specialty AleAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
4079.5Other Specialtymichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
4171.25Wood-aged BeerFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
4269Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerPaul BowlenWorthogs
430Fruit BeerSam WillsWestgate Brewers
440Belgian Specialty AleDavid WardBayside Brewers
450Other Specialty Westgate Brewers
Category: Mead
1124.5Sweet MeadMark JohnstoneMelbourne Brewers
2123Other MeadJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
392Sweet MeadBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
492Dry MeadDavid WardBayside Brewers
590Sweet MeadJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
Category: Cider
1100Common CiderTim ArmstrongNo Club
296Common CiderGraham GoughNo Club
394.5Other CiderNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
488Other CiderPeter ImisonWorthogs
578Common CiderGreg HicksBayside Brewers
665Other CiderJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
746.5Common Cidermichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers

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