Competition Results

We're a homebrew and winemaking business in Yarraville in Melbourne and have been operating for 25 years. We specialize in all grain brewing homebrewing but also cater to brewers and winemakers from beginners to experts. We ship Australia wide and Internationally. The Alehouse Project Carwyn Cellars is an independent family owned bottle shop based in the northern suburbs of melbourne. we are 'no ordinary bottleshop!' and engender diversity, choice, artisanship & individuality. We specialise in small boutique producers, with a good representation of local as well as hard to find imports. Clifton Hill Brew Pub The Gertrude Hotel
Champion Brewer
The best brewer in the competition based on points tally (3 for each first place, 2 for each second, 1 for each third). The winner receives a $250 voucher from Clifton Hill Brew Pub
Deon Smit - 9 points
Champion Beer
Sponsored by the Alehouse Project, this prize is awarded to the beer which scores the highest score in any category. The winning beer will be brewed by Clifton Hill Brew Pub and tapped at The Alehouse Project. The winner will also receive a voucher/bar tab at The Alehouse Project to the value of $250.
Tim Armstrong - White IPA 120 points
Best Novice Brewer
Awarded to the highest placed brewer who has not previously received a placing at a Vicbrew competition. The Best Novice will receive a $250 voucher to spend at Grain and Grape, Yarraville.
Matthew Collinson
Carwyn's Choice
Sponsored by Carwyn Cellars, the team from Carwyn's will pick their favorite beer. The winner will receive a voucher/bar tab from Carwyn Cellars to the value of $250.
Deon Smit - Rye IPA 119 points
Club Of Show
Sponsored by the Gertrude Hotel, this award goes to the club achieving the highest number of tally points (3 for a first, 2 for a second, 1 for a third). The winning club will receive a voucher/bar tab from The Gertrude Hotel, Fitzroy to the value of $250.
Merri Mashers
Champion Black IPA
Awarded to the highest scoring beer in the Black IPA category. The winner will receive a voucher/bar tab rom The Terminus Hotel, North Fitzroy, to the value of $100.
Deon Smit - 110.25 points
Champion Red IPA
Awarded to the highest scoring beer in the Red IPA category. The winner will receive malt and hops to the value of $100 from Thunder Road Brewing Company.
Julian Robinson - 110.25 points
Champion White IPA
Awarded to the highest scoring beer in the White IPA category. The winner will receive a $100 voucher to spend at Home Make It, Reservoir.
Tim Armstrong - 120 points
Champion Brown IPA
Awarded to the highest scoring beer in the Brown IPA category. The winner will receive beers &/or merch from Hendo at Brewcult, to the value of $100.
Julian Robinson - 110 points
Champion Rye IPA
Awarded to the winning beer in the Rye IPA category. The winner will receive a $100 voucher/bar tab to spend at Carwyn Cellars, Thornbury.
Deon Smit - 119 points
Champion Belgian IPA
Awarded to the winning beer in the Belgian IPA category. The winner will receive a $100 voucher/bar tab to spend at Moon Dog Brewing, Abbotsford.
Matthew Collinson - 115 points
Category: Rye IPA
1119Rye IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
2111.5Rye IPAGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
3103Rye IPAMark ConnorsMerri Mashers
498Rye IPADan FardonMerri Mashers
591.5Rye IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
689Rye IPANick LaurieNo Club
781Rye IPAcam mortonMerri Mashers
877.5Rye IPABrett O'HaraNo Club
966Rye IPAJesse SwallowMerri Mashers
Category: White IPA
1120White IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
2110White IPADale MessinaNo Club
3104White IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
495White IPAPeter LowndesNo Club
591White IPABrett O'HaraNo Club
685White IPAJesse SwallowMerri Mashers
785White IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
Category: Brown IPA
1110Brown IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
2101Brown IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
397Brown IPAElwyn HollowayMerri Mashers
497Brown IPAJames BerrettMerri Mashers
591Brown IPABrad HurleyNo Club
691Brown IPAAlick WeberMerri Mashers
789Brown IPAJordan ElwellMerri Mashers
889Brown IPAJesse SwallowMerri Mashers
987Brown IPASimon BorgNo Club
1087Brown IPALuke RichardsMerri Mashers
1186Brown IPANeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
Category: Black IPA
1110.25Black IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
2107.625Black IPAsye declerckNo Club
3107.25Black IPAKris NilsenMerri Mashers
4105Black IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
5102.75Black IPAPaul Van poperingNo Club
6100.125Black IPABenn Walton No Club
796Black IPABen SimmonsMerri Mashers
891.5Black IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
991.125Black IPAKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
1090.375Black IPASimon BorgNo Club
1189.25Black IPABlair DowdingNo Club
1288.875Black IPAClint BeeNo Club
Category: Belgian IPA
1115Belgian IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
2110Belgian IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
3104Belgian IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
4101.5Belgian IPAJordan ElwellMerri Mashers
597Belgian IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
696Belgian IPABen SimmonsMerri Mashers
793Belgian IPAHuw DuddyNo Club
892Belgian IPADavid WiltonMerri Mashers
990Belgian IPALukas ClewsNo Club
1084Belgian IPAShaun StaplesMerri Mashers
1173.5Belgian IPAbren webbNo Club
1271Belgian IPAJesse SwallowMerri Mashers
1368Belgian IPADean SmithMerri Mashers
140Belgian IPAMattias IsakssonMerri Mashers
Category: Red IPA
1110.25Red IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
2101.625Red IPAKris NilsenMerri Mashers
3100.125Red IPALukas ClewsNo Club
497.875Red IPADan KooreyNo Club
593Red IPAKris DomagalaMerri Mashers
683.25Red IPADavid WiltonMerri Mashers
781Red IPAMark SpiesMerri Mashers
879.125Red IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
978.375Red IPAJordan ElwellMerri Mashers
1078Red IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
1165.625Red IPAJesse SwallowMerri Mashers
1263.375Red IPAHuw DuddyNo Club
130Red IPAMattias IsakssonMerri Mashers

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