Competition Results

Best Brewer of Show
ADAM BEAUCHAMP (4 x 1st place & 2 x 3rd place = 14 points)
Best Beer of Show
BRUCE TONKIN - American Wheat or Rye (129.5 points)
Highly Commended Brewer
PETER TAVERNER (1 x 1st place, 2 x 2nd place, 2 x 3rd place = 9 points)
Category: 1. Low Alcohol (<4% ABV)
1124.5Scottish Light AleLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
2110.25English BitterGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
3101.25English BitterDez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
Category: 2. Pale Lager
1119DortmunderAdam BeauchampNo Club
2104Munich HellesPaul VedigNo Club
399Munich HellesLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
496Australian Premier LagerPeter BradshawNo Club
596Pale Continental LagerRowan UnderwoodNo Club
689.5Munich HellesNicky ThomasBlackwood Wine and Beer Club
780Pale Continental LagerPeter TavernerNo Club
879.5DortmunderBrett HallNo Club
973DortmunderMike LeupoldNo Club
Category: 3. Pilsener
1120.5German PilsenerNicky ThomasBlackwood Wine and Beer Club
2108.5German PilsenerPeter TavernerNo Club
3102German PilsenerAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
4101German PilsenerMike LeupoldNo Club
596.5Bohemian PilsnerAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
696.5German PilsenerMatthew WoodSouth Australian Brewers Club
796German PilsenerDez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
892Classic American Pilsenerreymar castigoNo Club
988Bohemian PilsnerAdam BeauchampNo Club
1085.5Bohemian PilsnerAdrian ReichSouth Australian Brewers Club
1183.5Bohemian PilsnerMatthew WoodSouth Australian Brewers Club
1278Bohemian PilsnerLuke ScrivensSouth Australian Brewers Club
1372.5Bohemian PilsnerMIke LeupoldSouth Australian Brewers Club
1468Bohemian Pilsnerstephen roneyNo Club
1567German PilsenerBrett HallNo Club
Category: 4. Amber & Dark Lager
1119.5Munich DunkelAdam BeauchampNo Club
2119North German AltbierMatthew WoodSouth Australian Brewers Club
3111.5California Common BeerGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
4111Oktoberfest/MärzenAdam BeauchampNo Club
5111Vienna LagerKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
6108Schwarzbier (Black beer)Daniel BartholomaeusNo Club
7106Schwarzbier (Black beer)Phill FarrantNo Club
8106California Common BeerPeter BradshawNo Club
9102.5Munich DunkelBrad DonaldsonNo Club
10101Schwarzbier (Black beer)Greg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
11100.5Vienna LagerPhill FarrantNo Club
1299.5Munich DunkelBruce TonkinNo Club
1398.5Oktoberfest/MärzenAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
1498Schwarzbier (Black beer)Mike LeupoldNo Club
1589Munich DunkelPaul VedigNo Club
1688Oktoberfest/MärzenSteven MackenzieNo Club
1782.5Munich DunkelNicholas McAuleyNo Club
Category: 5. Strong Lager (> 6% ABV)
1123DoppelbockDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
2119.5DoppelbockBrad DonaldsonNo Club
3114.5Maibock/HellesbockPeter TavernerNo Club
4112DoppelbockPaul VedigNo Club
5107DoppelbockAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
6106.5DoppelbockPhill FarrantNo Club
7106.5DoppelbockKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
8102.5Maibock/HellesbockGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
998.5Traditional BockAdam BeauchampNo Club
1088.5Traditional BockPeter BradshawNo Club
1188Traditional BockAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
Category: 6. Pale Ale
1126.5Cream Alerob gardnerNo Club
2123English Pale AleMatthew FechnerNo Club
3115Australian Pale AleLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
4114Australian Pale AleSean KeneallyNo Club
5109KölschSean KeneallyNo Club
6106.5Australian Pale AleBrendan HennessySouth Australian Brewers Club
7105KölschAndreas MauchNo Club
8102Belgian Pale AleBrad DonaldsonNo Club
999Belgian Pale AlePeter TavernerNo Club
1097Belgian Pale AleBrett BackhouseSouth Australian Brewers Club
1197Blonde AleAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
1295.5Australian Pale AleSteve HutchinsonNo Club
1387Cream AleJason Regter No Club
1481English Pale AleAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
1580Belgian Pale AleJason Regter No Club
1680Australian Pale AleSteven MackenzieNo Club
1780English Pale AleLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
1871Belgian Pale AleBrett HallNo Club
1965.5English Pale AleDez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
Category: 7. American Pale Ale
1124American Pale AleAdrian ReichSouth Australian Brewers Club
2123American Pale AleAndreas MauchNo Club
3121American Pale AleAdam BeauchampNo Club
4120American Pale AleDaniel HenleyNo Club
5118American Pale AleDez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
6118American Pale AleDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
7110American Pale AleGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
8109American Pale AleBrett BackhouseSouth Australian Brewers Club
9107American Pale AleLee StoneNo Club
10107American Pale AleStuart BinnionNo Club
11105.5American Pale AleChris CarterNo Club
12105American Pale Alematt spencerNo Club
13105American Pale AleSimon BattyNo Club
14104American Pale AleTodd MckenzieNo Club
15103American Pale AleClinton FisherSouth Australian Brewers Club
16102American Pale AlePeter BradshawNo Club
1798American Pale AlePhill FarrantNo Club
1885American Pale AleJames CampbellNo Club
1985American Pale AlePeter WinchNo Club
2079American Pale AleAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
2179American Pale AleRichard CampNo Club
2279American Pale AleJason Regter No Club
2378American Pale AleDavid SegneriNo Club
2478American Pale AleTravis CampbellNo Club
2567American Pale AleMatthew HandsNo Club
2664American Pale AleLiam TahenyNo Club
Category: 8. Bitter Ale
1126.5American Amber AleSimon BattyNo Club
2111American Amber AlePeter TavernerNo Club
3109English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Bruce TonkinNo Club
4102.5English Best BitterKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
5101American Amber AleAdam BeauchampNo Club
6100.5American Amber AleDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
790.5English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Tony DichieraSouth Australian Brewers Club
880English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Sean KeneallyNo Club
979.5English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Phill FarrantNo Club
1078English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Greg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
1172.5English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Anthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
1270English Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)Brett HallNo Club
1364.5English Best BitterBrett HallNo Club
Category: 9. Brown Ale
1127American Brown AleAdrian ReichSouth Australian Brewers Club
2126American Brown AleTodd MckenzieNo Club
3125Scottish AleMatthew KennedySouth Australian Brewers Club
4123American Brown AleBrett BackhouseSouth Australian Brewers Club
5122Irish Red AleMichael Handran-SmithNo Club
6120.5American Brown AleAdam BeauchampNo Club
7120American Brown AlePhill FarrantNo Club
8117.5Irish Red AleMartin ShortNo Club
9114.5American Brown AleBrendan HennessySouth Australian Brewers Club
10114.5Northern English Brown Alestephen roneyNo Club
11113.5American Brown AleSteve HutchinsonNo Club
12113.5Irish Red AleKx HarmanNo Club
13111.5American Brown AlePeter WinchNo Club
14110.5Northern English Brown AleClinton FisherSouth Australian Brewers Club
15109.5Irish Red AleDavid SegneriNo Club
16105.5Scottish AleRichard CampNo Club
17105American Brown AleDez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
1896American Brown AleRodney BrownNo Club
1993American Brown AleBruce TonkinNo Club
2086Northern English Brown AleJason Regter No Club
2184Irish Red AleGary WatersSouth Australian Brewers Club
2279Northern English Brown AleMatthew PolmearNo Club
Category: 10. Porter
1123Brown PorterAdam BeauchampNo Club
2122Robust PorterBrendan HennessySouth Australian Brewers Club
3118Robust PorterDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
4117Brown PorterLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
5115.5Robust PorterAdam BeauchampNo Club
6109Baltic PorterBruce TonkinNo Club
7108Brown PorterMatthew PolmearNo Club
8108Robust PorterBen HatcherNo Club
9108Robust PorterSteven MackenzieNo Club
10108Robust PorterPhill FarrantNo Club
11102Baltic PorterDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
12102Robust PorterTim HarrissNo Club
13102Robust PorterJames McLeanSouth Australian Brewers Club
14101Robust PorterMichael ZierschNo Club
15100Baltic PorterPhill FarrantNo Club
1697Brown PorterPeter TavernerNo Club
1797Brown PorterJames ThomsonNo Club
1896Robust PorterMatthew PolmearNo Club
1995Robust PorterGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
2086Robust PorterBrett HallNo Club
2181Robust PorterRichard StaffordNo Club
Category: 11. Stout
1122.5Sweet StoutBrendan HennessySouth Australian Brewers Club
2118Dry StoutAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
3117.5Dry StoutMatthew FechnerNo Club
4108.5Oatmeal StoutDez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
5108Sweet StoutMichael ZierschNo Club
6107.5Sweet StoutAaron GarardNo Club
7107Dry StoutBrett HallNo Club
8104.5Oatmeal StoutAdrian ReichSouth Australian Brewers Club
9102Oatmeal StoutAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
1099Dry StoutKx HarmanNo Club
1198Oatmeal StoutAaron GarardNo Club
1295Oatmeal StoutLuke ScrivensSouth Australian Brewers Club
1394Oatmeal StoutGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
1490.5Sweet StoutRichard StaffordNo Club
1589Sweet StoutLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
1686Sweet StoutMatthew FechnerNo Club
1779Sweet StoutGary WatersSouth Australian Brewers Club
1875Oatmeal StoutPeter TavernerNo Club
1973.5Dry StoutGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
2072.5Sweet StoutBruce TonkinNo Club
2172Oatmeal StoutGary WatersSouth Australian Brewers Club
2270Dry Stoutmatt spencerNo Club
2365Oatmeal StoutDaniel HenleyNo Club
2462.5Dry StoutDez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
2559Dry StoutDavid SegneriNo Club
2654.5Oatmeal StoutSteve HutchinsonNo Club
Category: 12. Strong Stout (>6% ABV)
1129Russian Imperial StoutTimothy AllmandNo Club
2120American StoutAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
3120Russian Imperial StoutDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
4118Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutMichael ZierschNo Club
5113Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutSteven MackenzieNo Club
6112Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutBruce TonkinNo Club
7112Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutSean KeneallyNo Club
8111Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra Stoutmatt spencerNo Club
9111Russian Imperial StoutAdam BeauchampNo Club
10109Russian Imperial StoutLiam YorkeNo Club
11108Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra Stoutrob gardnerNo Club
12105Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
13105Russian Imperial Stoutmatt spencerNo Club
14100.5Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutGreg WiederSouth Australian Brewers Club
15100Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutLuke ScrivensSouth Australian Brewers Club
1697Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutRodney BrownNo Club
1796American StoutMartin ShortNo Club
1892Russian Imperial StoutPeter BradshawNo Club
1990Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutMatthew HandsNo Club
2089American StoutTravis CampbellNo Club
2183Australian Stout/ Foreign Extra StoutGary WatersSouth Australian Brewers Club
2273Russian Imperial StoutRodney BrownNo Club
2359Russian Imperial StoutLiam TahenyNo Club
Category: 13. India Pale Ale
1117.5American IPABrett BackhouseSouth Australian Brewers Club
2116American IPADaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
3112American IPAAdam BeauchampNo Club
4110English IPAGary WatersSouth Australian Brewers Club
5104American IPASteven MackenzieNo Club
6101American IPABruce TonkinNo Club
7101American IPAAndreas MauchNo Club
898.5Imperial IPALiam YorkeNo Club
997American IPAPeter WinchNo Club
1093American IPADavid SegneriNo Club
1192.5American IPADez CookSouth Australian Brewers Club
1288Imperial IPAmatt spencerNo Club
1384American IPABrendan HennessySouth Australian Brewers Club
1483American IPAmatt spencerNo Club
1582American IPATony DichieraSouth Australian Brewers Club
1681American IPABrad DonaldsonNo Club
1773American IPANicky ThomasBlackwood Wine and Beer Club
1870American IPAAdrian ReichSouth Australian Brewers Club
1969American IPAJason Regter No Club
2067American IPArob gardnerNo Club
2166Imperial IPASean KeneallyNo Club
2264American IPASimon BattyNo Club
2364American IPAMatthew KennedySouth Australian Brewers Club
2460American IPAPhill FarrantNo Club
2557American IPAMichael Handran-SmithNo Club
2657American IPAKx HarmanNo Club
2745American IPALiam TahenyNo Club
2834.5Imperial IPARodney BrownNo Club
Category: 14. Strong Ale (>6% ABV)
1127English Barley winePhil GurrNo Club
2123.5American Barley winematt spencerNo Club
3116American Barley wineKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
4112.5Strong Scotch AlePeter BradshawNo Club
5112English Barley winePhill FarrantNo Club
6110American Barley wineLiam TahenyNo Club
7104.5English Barley wineDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
Category: 15. Belgian Strong Ale
1126Belgian Strong Dark AleAdam BeauchampNo Club
2117Belgian Strong Dark AleKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
3113DubbelPeter TavernerNo Club
4112Belgian Blond AlePeter BradshawNo Club
5104Belgian Strong Dark Alematt spencerNo Club
6103DubbelRichard CampNo Club
7102.5Belgian Strong Dark AleMike LeupoldNo Club
8101DubbelAdam BeauchampNo Club
9100DubbelBrad DonaldsonNo Club
1098.5DubbelLiam TahenyNo Club
1189.5Belgian Strong Golden AleLuke ScrivensSouth Australian Brewers Club
1285.5Belgian Strong Golden Alejohn van der zalmSouth Australian Brewers Club
1377Belgian Strong Golden AlePhill FarrantNo Club
1477DubbelPeter BradshawNo Club
1573Tripelmatt spencerNo Club
1671TripelPeter WinchNo Club
Category: 16. Wheat & Rye Beer
1129.5American Wheat or Rye BeerBruce TonkinNo Club
2109.5Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Luke ScrivensSouth Australian Brewers Club
3102.5American Wheat or Rye BeerMatthew FechnerNo Club
499.5Dunkel Weizenjohn van der zalmSouth Australian Brewers Club
594.5American Wheat or Rye BeerKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
687.5Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Tim HarrissNo Club
787Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Paul VedigNo Club
881American Wheat or Rye BeerMatthew PolmearNo Club
980Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)Andrew BedwellNo Club
1078.5Dunkel WeizenSean KeneallyNo Club
1176.5Roggenbier (Rye)Brett HallNo Club
1269Weizen/Weißbier (Wheat)stephen roneyNo Club
Category: 17. Farmhouse Ale & Wild Beer
1118Witbier (White)Joe MarchingtonBlackwood Wine and Beer Club
2115.5SaisonLachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
3115.5Witbier (White)Lachlan JohnsonSouth Australian Brewers Club
4111.5SaisonPeter TavernerNo Club
5111SaisonJames McLeanSouth Australian Brewers Club
6108.5SaisonSean KeneallyNo Club
7106.5SaisonMatthew PolmearNo Club
8103.5SaisonTony DichieraSouth Australian Brewers Club
9102Witbier (White)Daniel HenleyNo Club
10100SaisonPeter WinchNo Club
1197.5Witbier (White)Richard CampNo Club
1292.5Berliner WeißeTim HarrissNo Club
1383.5SaisonTravis CampbellNo Club
1479.5SaisonLiam TahenyNo Club
1566Berliner WeißePaul VedigNo Club
Category: 18. Specialty Beer
1127Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerPeter TavernerNo Club
2119Fruit BeerBrad DonaldsonNo Club
3118.5Fruit BeerDaniel BartholomaeusNo Club
4114.5Other SpecialtyAaron GarardNo Club
5114Wood-aged BeerAdrian ReichSouth Australian Brewers Club
6109Other SpecialtyTravis CampbellNo Club
7109Other SpecialtyTony DichieraSouth Australian Brewers Club
8109Other SpecialtyAdam BeauchampNo Club
9108.5Wood-aged BeerPaul VedigNo Club
10107Wood-aged BeerKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
11105Other SpecialtyMatthew WoodSouth Australian Brewers Club
12103.5Belgian Specialty AlePhill FarrantNo Club
13103Wood-aged BeerLiam YorkeNo Club
14102.5Other SpecialtyClinton FisherSouth Australian Brewers Club
15102Fruit BeerKent GetsingerSouth Australian Brewers Club
16101Fruit BeerMatthew PolmearNo Club
17100Other SpecialtyStuart BinnionNo Club
18100Other SpecialtyAnthony KingSouth Australian Brewers Club
1997Other SpecialtyPeter BradshawNo Club
2094Fruit BeerBruce TonkinNo Club
2181Wood-aged BeerRodney BrownNo Club
2274Other SpecialtyPaul VedigNo Club

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