Competition Results

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Champion Brewer (Full Pint Cup)
The best brewer in the competition based on points tally (3 for each first place, 2 for each second, 1 for each third)
Deon Smit (6 points)

Mattias Isaksson (5 points)
Brooke Petrie (4 points)
Champion Beer
Sponsored by the Alehouse Project, this prize is awarded to the beer which scores the highest score in any category.
Deon Smit (Red IPA, 135.5 points)

Dan Pratt (Black IPA, 123 points)
Dan Koorey (Red IPA, 112 points)
Best Novice Brewer
Awarded to the highest placed brewer who has not previously received a placing at a Vicbrew compeition.
Deon Smit
Carwyn's Choice
Sponsored by Carwyn Cellars, the team from Carwyn's will pick their favorite beer
Dan koorey (Red IPA)
Club of Show
Sponsored by the Gertrude Hotel, this award goes to the club achieving the highest number of tally points (3 for a first, 2 for a second, 1 for a third)
Merri Mashers (24 Points)

Bayside Brewers (1 point)
Category: Red IPA
1135.5Red IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
2112Red IPADan KooreyNo Club
3105Red IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
4104.5Red IPANicholas Van DuynMerri Mashers
5102Red IPAMattias IsakssonMerri Mashers
699Red IPADavid WiltonMerri Mashers
798Red IPAJustin SpicerMerri Mashers
896Red IPADavid WiltonMerri Mashers
996Red IPAShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
1094Red IPAFilip AndreaNo Club
1193Red IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
1290.5Red IPAbren webbNo Club
1387Red IPADan FardonMerri Mashers
1487Red IPAJacob RogersMerri Mashers
1586Red IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
1684Red IPAAndrew CahirNo Club
1783.5Red IPADean SmithMerri Mashers
1881Red IPAJordan ElwellMerri Mashers
1980Red IPALuke RichardsMerri Mashers
2080Red IPANathan Pearce-BoltecNo Club
2178Red IPATom CooperMelbourne Brewers
2271Red IPALuke DrenenMerri Mashers
2369.5Red IPAAshton WalkerMerri Mashers
2468Red IPAJosh DaganMerri Mashers
2565.5Red IPAcameron kinderNo Club
2663.5Red IPARichard WhitebrookMelbourne Brewers
2758.5Red IPABrendan CoffeyMelbourne Brewers
Category: Black IPA
1123Black IPADan PrattNo Club
2109.5Black IPAZac FlanaganNo Club
3105.5Black IPAMark SpiesMerri Mashers
4104Black IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
5102Black IPAJulian RobinsonMerri Mashers
6100Black IPATom CooperMelbourne Brewers
795Black IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
894Black IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
992Black IPALuke DrenenMerri Mashers
1092Black IPAFilip AndreaNo Club
1190.5Black IPATim MartinMerri Mashers
1288.5Black IPAShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
1385.5Black IPAZac FlanaganNo Club
1485.5Black IPAAdrian DayMelbourne Brewers
1584Black IPAPaul McMurrayMelbourne Brewers
1681.5Black IPAsam reynoldsNo Club
170Black IPALuke RichardsMerri Mashers
Category: Brown IPA
1111Brown IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
2109Brown IPAMattias IsakssonMerri Mashers
3109Brown IPAcam mortonMerri Mashers
4106Brown IPALuke PalmerBayside Brewers
5105Brown IPALuke RichardsMerri Mashers
6102Brown IPAMark ConnorsMerri Mashers
797Brown IPADavid BaileyMerri Mashers
896Brown IPARob PogueMerri Mashers
994Brown IPAKarl CurnowMelbourne Brewers
1094Brown IPAEduard SvalbeMelbourne Brewers
1193Brown IPARob PogueMerri Mashers
1292Brown IPATim MartinMerri Mashers
1389Brown IPACameron MayneMerri Mashers
1485Brown IPABraden HammondBayside Brewers
1584Brown IPAGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1683Brown IPAChris FletcherBayside Brewers
1779Brown IPAShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
1874Brown IPAJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
1972Brown IPAFilip AndreaNo Club
2065Brown IPARichard WhitebrookMelbourne Brewers
2160Brown IPAJoel EllisNo Club
2250Brown IPATim ArmstrongNo Club
230Brown IPALuke CorbinMerri Mashers
240Brown IPA Merri Mashers
250Brown IPAdavid pulleineNo Club
Category: White IPA
1108White IPAMattias IsakssonMerri Mashers
2104White IPAChris LewisNo Club
396White IPABrett LenneMerri Mashers
484.5White IPAShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
568White IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
659White IPAJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
758White IPAAdrian DayMelbourne Brewers
852White IPAJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
Category: Rye IPA
1110.5Rye IPADeon SmitMerri Mashers
299Rye IPARhys DevannyNo Club
391Rye IPAMark ConnorsMerri Mashers
490.5Rye IPADaniel O"GradyMelbourne Brewers
589.5Rye IPATrevor MitchellNo Club
688Rye IPABrook PetrieMerri Mashers
787Rye IPAPeter LowndesNo Club
886.5Rye IPATim MartinMerri Mashers
984Rye IPANicholas Van DuynMerri Mashers
1082.5Rye IPALuke DrenenMerri Mashers
1179.5Rye IPAMatthew CollinsonWestgate Brewers
1278Rye IPAChris MuggeridgeGrog Cobras
1374.5Rye IPAShannon BrooksMerri Mashers
1458Rye IPAMattias IsakssonMerri Mashers
150Rye IPAKevin McNeillWestgate Brewers
160Rye IPALuke CorbinMerri Mashers
170Rye IPA Merri Mashers
Category: Belgian IPA
1111Belgian IPAJesse SwallowMerri Mashers
2109Belgian IPABrett LenneMerri Mashers
3100Belgian IPAJohn HaymanBayside Brewers
499Belgian IPADavid WiltonMerri Mashers
595Belgian IPAChris LewisNo Club
690Belgian IPADavid WiltonMerri Mashers
787Belgian IPAThomas ParkerMerri Mashers
882.5Belgian IPANicholas Van DuynMerri Mashers
981Belgian IPAMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1077Belgian IPAJoel EllisNo Club
1164Belgian IPATim TrainMerri Mashers

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