Competition Results

Champion Beer
Highest awarded beer based on highest number of points awarded
Haig Jason - Melbourne Brewers (Belgian Pale Ale, 126 points)
Champion Brewer
The best brewer of the competition, determined by the number of placing points (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 3 for 3rd)
John Kingston - Westgate Brewers (7 points)
Club of Show
The club with the highest number of placing points
  • Melbourne Brewers (19 Points)
  • Westgate Brewers (15 points)
  • Bayside Brewers (11 points)
  • Worthogs (2 points)
Best Novice Brewer
Awarded to the highest placed brewer who has not placed before in any other VicBrew recognized competition
Luke McCrone - Westgate Brewers (120 pts)
Category: Pale Continental Lager
$50 Temple Brewing voucher + $50 Purvis Cellars voucher
1122Bohemian PilsnerMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2121German PilsnerAndrew ClarkBayside Brewers
3120German PilsnerCharles HallMelbourne Brewers
4115Munich HellesDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
5112Classic American PilsnerGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
6110.5Bohemian PilsnerDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
7108.5Australian LagerShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
8105.5Bohemian PilsnerIan TomlinMelbourne Brewers
998German PilsnerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1097.5Bohemian PilsnerTim ArmstrongNo Club
1194.5Bohemian PilsnerDavid JarrettWestgate Brewers
1294German PilsnerGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
1393Australian LagerNigel BernsNo Club
1488.5Munich HellesJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1583.5Bohemian PilsnerBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
Category: Wheat Beer
Keg King Magnetic Stirrer machine
1118.5WitbierFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
2116Dunkel WeizenDarren PiasenteNo Club
3111WitbierMatt CarrollNo Club
4108.5Weizen/WeissbierCraig DitchamBayside Brewers
5108Weizen/WeissbierBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
691Berliner WeisseMatt CarrollNo Club
790.5WeizenbockBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
890WitbierCameron BlanchardNo Club
982Rye BeerMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1081Weizen/WeissbierPeter LowndesNo Club
1180.5WeizenbockHaig JasonMelbourne Brewers
1270Weizen/Weissbierchan layBayside Brewers
1370Dunkel WeizenBlair HenryNo Club
1469WitbierWez PrictorNo Club
1569Rye BeerHaig JasonMelbourne Brewers
1668Dunkel Weizenchan layBayside Brewers
1755WitbierDavid JarrettWestgate Brewers
Category: Porter & Stout
1 Keg King Growler + 1 Keg King Temperature Controller
1113Russian Imperial StoutMartin WoznickiNo Club
2111Russian Imperial StoutFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
3110Russian Imperial StoutMikko PludraBayside Brewers
4110Russian Imperial StoutBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
5108Robust PorterJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
6105Robust PorterCraig DitchamBayside Brewers
7101Brown PorterJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
8100Russian Imperial StoutLukas DedmanWorthogs
9100Russian Imperial StoutBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
10100Brown PorterClint CathcartNo Club
11100Australian/Foreign StoutNigel BernsNo Club
1299Dry StoutJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
1398Robust Porterpeter yellandBayside Brewers
1497Dry StoutPaul BowlenWorthogs
1597Dry StoutBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1697Baltic PorterFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1796Sweet StoutImants VitolinsWorthogs
1895Dry StoutSteve WalkerMelbourne Brewers
1993Baltic PorterBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
2092Russian Imperial StoutMatt CarrollNo Club
2191Australian/Foreign StoutIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
2287Baltic PorterDerek HalesMelbourne Brewers
2385Sweet StoutDarren PiasenteNo Club
2480Dry StoutBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
2580Sweet StoutJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2666Sweet StoutDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
2754Robust PorterJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
Category: Dark Lager
1 slab of Buckley's beer, 1 $50 Grain and Grape voucher
1120Vienna LagerNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
2104California CommonDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
3104Oktoberfest/MarzenJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
4101.5SchwarzbierMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
5101California CommonJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
687Vienna LagerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
779SchwarzbierAaron JenkinsNo Club
875Oktoberfest/MarzenDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
966Munich DunkelBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
Category: Dark Ale
$100 voucher from Brewers Den
1120American Amber Aleluke McCroneWestgate Brewers
2118Northern English Brown AleImants VitolinsWorthogs
3116Dusseldorf AltbierHaig JasonMelbourne Brewers
4114Northern English Brown AleClint CathcartNo Club
5111American Brown AleClint CathcartNo Club
6105Australian Dark/Old AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
7101American Brown AleGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
8100American Amber AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
9100Northern English Brown AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
1098American Amber AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1196Northern English Brown AleYosu PlazaBayside Brewers
1293Northern English Brown AleTroy MaherNo Club
1390Southern English Brown AleDarren PiasenteNo Club
1490American Brown AleBraden HammondBayside Brewers
1586American Brown AleMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
Category: Pale Ale
$100 voucher from Hop Dealz Australia
1126Belgian Pale AleHaig JasonMelbourne Brewers
2125American Pale AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
3124American Pale AleClint CathcartNo Club
4123Australian Pale AleAaron JenkinsNo Club
5120Australian Pale AleNigel BernsNo Club
6120American Pale AleMatt CarrollNo Club
7117American Pale AleMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
8116KolschBraden HammondBayside Brewers
9116Australian Pale AleEdward CoxNo Club
10115American Pale AleGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
11114KolschMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
12114American Pale AleBlair HenryNo Club
13113English Pale AleBraden HammondBayside Brewers
14112American Pale AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
15110Australian Pale AleChris DeshamBayside Brewers
16110American Pale AleImants VitolinsWorthogs
17104English Pale AleMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
18103American Pale AleTroy MaherNo Club
19101American Pale AleChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
20100Australian Pale Aleshaun raymerBayside Brewers
21100American Pale AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
2299American Pale AleCameron BlanchardNo Club
2398Australian Pale AleJordan ElwellNo Club
2498KolschJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2596KolschGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
2696American Pale AleEdward CoxNo Club
2796American Pale Alepeter yellandBayside Brewers
2890Australian Pale AleJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
2989American Pale AleLukas DedmanWorthogs
3087Belgian Pale AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
3187American Pale AleJordan ElwellNo Club
3286.5Belgian Pale AleChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
3386American Pale AleJesse McFadyenMelbourne Brewers
3484American Pale AleScott McKinnonBayside Brewers
3582KolschGarry LodgeNo Club
3676American Pale Aleluke McCroneWestgate Brewers
3774American Pale AleHaig JasonMelbourne Brewers
3872American Pale AleNeal KavanaghWestgate Brewers
3971Irish Red AleDave WalkerBayside Brewers
4070American Pale AleDavid JarrettWestgate Brewers
4168American Pale AleJenny DeshamBayside Brewers
4267American Pale AleChris DeshamBayside Brewers
4362Irish Red AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
4459American Pale AleCameron KinderWorthogs
4551American Pale AleIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
Category: Strong Lager
$50 voucer from Grain and Grape + $50 voucher from Purvis Cellars
1109.5EisbockJethro McCullochBayside Brewers
2106Maibock/Helles BockGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
395.5Maibock/Helles BockJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
495Traditional BockMikko PludraBayside Brewers
594Traditional BockBarry MowbrayWestgate Brewers
693.5Traditional BockChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
780Maibock/Helles BockEdward CoxNo Club
Category: Strong Ale
1 slab Hargreaves Hill beer + $50 voucher from Grain and Grape
1123English Barley WineJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2122Strong Scotch AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
3112.5English Barley WineBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
4108Strong Scotch AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
5102Old Ale (English Strong Ale)peter yellandBayside Brewers
699Old Ale (English Strong Ale)Braden HammondBayside Brewers
795English Barley WineDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
892Strong Scotch AleMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
987Old Ale (English Strong Ale)shaun raymerBayside Brewers
1067Old Ale (English Strong Ale)Barry RobertsBayside Brewers
Category: Specialty Beer
1 Keg King bottle filler + 1 Keg King Growler
1106Other SpecialtyIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
2105Fruit BeerBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
3104Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerGrant MorleyWestgate Brewers
4102Wood-aged BeerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
5100Other SpecialtyJordan ElwellNo Club
699Other SpecialtyTim ArmstrongNo Club
799Belgian Specialty AleSteve BlairWestgate Brewers
897Belgian Specialty AleHaig JasonMelbourne Brewers
997Fruit BeerIan BennettMelbourne Brewers
1097Other SpecialtyCameron BlanchardNo Club
1196Other SpecialtyChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
1296Other SpecialtyBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1395Other SpecialtyMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1495Other SpecialtyScott McKinnonBayside Brewers
1594Other SpecialtyPaul BowlenWorthogs
1692Belgian Specialty AleFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1791Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerTroy MaherNo Club
1891Belgian Specialty AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1987Belgian Specialty AleEdward CoxNo Club
2085Wood-aged BeerDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
2185Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerMatt CarrollNo Club
2281Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
2381Other SpecialtyDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
2478Other SpecialtyBarry MowbrayWestgate Brewers
2576Other SpecialtyMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2675Fruit BeerChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
2773Classic Rauchbier (Smoked Marzen)Steve BlairWestgate Brewers
Category: Mead
$100 voucher from Home Makeit
1110Dry Meadchan layBayside Brewers
2106Melomel (Fruit Mead)Chris KahlerMelbourne Brewers
3106Semi-Sweet MeadBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
4104.5Metheglin (Spiced Mead)Michael BowronWestgate Brewers
588.5Braggot (Mead with Malt)Chris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
686Melomel (Fruit Mead)Michael GuenzelMelbourne Brewers
779Melomel (Fruit Mead)Michael BowronWestgate Brewers
876Semi-Sweet MeadChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
953Dry MeadSteve WalkerMelbourne Brewers
1045Other MeadMichael GuenzelMelbourne Brewers

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