Competition Results

$100 gift voucher to use at Grain and Grape in Yarraville
Category: Category 1
1110Irish Red AleDave WalkerBayside Brewers
2110Northern English BrownClint CathcartNo Club
3108MildBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
4106Northern English BrownCraig DitchamBayside Brewers
5104Northern English BrownMikko PludraBayside Brewers
699Scottish 80/-David NobleNo Club
797Northern English Brownpeter yellandBayside Brewers
896Northern English BrownBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
988Irish Red AleFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1086Northern English BrownMatt HevernMelbourne Brewers
1185Irish Red AleDaniel van OosterhoutWestgate Brewers
120MildMartin BuntingBallarat and Region Craft Brewers
130Northern English BrownAndrew DavisonMelbourne Brewers
Category: Category 2
1113Extra Special BitterRichard WhitebrookMelbourne Brewers
2109Extra Special BitterBraden HammondBayside Brewers
3107Extra Special Bittershane fergusonNo Club
4106Best BitterJason HornbuckleNo Club
5104Extra Special BitterDave WalkerBayside Brewers
6103Ordinary BitterMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
7102Best BitterLein JenkinsMelbourne Brewers
897Extra Special BitterFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
996Best BitterBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1096Best Bitterpeter yellandBayside Brewers
1193Extra Special BitterDaniel WoodMelbourne Brewers
1292Extra Special BitterMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1392Ordinary BitterMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1490Best BitterMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1588Extra Special BitterBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1686Best BitterFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1785Ordinary BitterDave WalkerBayside Brewers
1870Ordinary BitterBraden HammondBayside Brewers
1966Extra Special BitterChris DuckworthMelbourne Brewers
2043Extra Special BitterShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
210Extra Special BitterMartin BuntingBallarat and Region Craft Brewers
220Extra Special BitterDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
Category: Category 3
1102English Barleywinebrendan guildMelbourne Brewers
291English Strong Alepeter yellandBayside Brewers
389English Strong AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
489English Strong AleBraden HammondBayside Brewers
50English Strong AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
60English BarleywineDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers

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