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Voted Australia's Best Home Brewing Shop One of Australia's largest malt suppliers, Cryer Malts bring the best malts from around the world to homebrew stores near you. We pride ourselves in supplying the best malt available. Dave is a very passionate and knowlegable homebrewer himself and is always happy to answer any question and provide help on anything realated to homebrewing or winemaking Dave is a very passionate and knowlegable homebrewer himself and is always happy to answer any question and provide help on anything realated to homebrewing or winemaking Kooinda Boutique Brewery - Take Yourself There Kooinda Boutique Brewery - Take Yourself There Australia's Leading Craftbrewer
Category: Pale Ale
1121.5American Pale AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
2116KolshJohn ChapmanMelbourne Brewers
3111American Pale Alebrendan guildMelbourne Brewers
4111American Pale AleYosu PlazaBayside Brewers
5111Cream AleJohn ChapmanMelbourne Brewers
6108American Pale AleBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
799.5KolshMark HibberdBayside Brewers
899Belgian Pale AleBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
997.5American Pale AleClint CathcartNo Club
1096.5KolshMark JohnstoneNo Club
1194American Pale AleSimon BorgMelbourne Brewers
1293American Pale AleBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
1393Blonde AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1489.5Australian Pale AleSean LillywhiteNo Club
1589Australian Pale AleChris TaylorMelbourne Brewers
1687American Pale AleCameron BaguleyMelbourne Brewers
1787KolshStuart BehrendNo Club
1886KolshJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1982Cream AleClint CathcartNo Club
2081American Pale AleImants VitolinsWorthogs
2179.5American Pale AleMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2277American Pale AleMark JohnstoneNo Club
2376.5KolshMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2476Belgian Pale AleGeoff DalyWestgate Brewers
2573Blonde AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
2672English Pale AleGeoff BryantBayside Brewers
2769American Pale AleMatt van der PeetNo Club
2867Belgian Pale AleAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
2942American Pale AleDaniel GilmoreNo Club
300Cream AleJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
Category: Pale Lager
1119Munich HellesJethro McMullochBayside Brewers
2118German PilsnerLukas DedmanWorthogs
3118Munich HellesDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
4105.5Bohemian PilsnerGeoff BryantBayside Brewers
5104Dortmunder ExportGeoff BryantBayside Brewers
6103Pale Continental LagerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
7102.5Dortmunder ExportJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
8100Classic American PilsnerShane WardMelbourne Brewers
998German PilsnerSean LillywhiteNo Club
1096Dortmunder Exportrod pattersonBayside Brewers
1194German PilsnerMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1292Pale Continental LagerShane WardMelbourne Brewers
1392Premium Australian LagerJethro McMullochBayside Brewers
1488Bohemian PilsnerAndrew HawleyMelbourne Brewers
1587Bohemian PilsnerMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1677Bohemian PilsnerShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
1776.5German PilsnerShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
1851Classic American PilsnerJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
190Bohemian PilsnerMark StanfordWestgate Brewers
Category: Dark Ale & Lager
1122.5North German AltbierJohn ChapmanMelbourne Brewers
2119American Brown AleLinton YoungMelbourne Brewers
3112American Brown AleMikko PludraBayside Brewers
4111Munich DunkelRichard WhitebrookMelbourne Brewers
5108.5SchwarzbierBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
6105American Brown AleDarren PiasenteNo Club
7104American Amber AleImants VitolinsWorthogs
899American Brown AleDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
999Southern English Brown AleJethro McMullochBayside Brewers
1098American Amber Alebrendan guildMelbourne Brewers
1197.5American Brown AleChris TaylorMelbourne Brewers
1295American Brown AleCHAN LAYBayside Brewers
1393.5American Amber AleMark JohnstoneNo Club
1492Dusseldorf AltbierMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1584.5California Common BeerShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
1679American Brown AleMark JohnstoneNo Club
1779American Brown Alebrendan guildMelbourne Brewers
1876.5Munich DunkelDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
1962SchwarzbierMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
2059California Common BeerShane WardMelbourne Brewers
2157.5Dusseldorf AltbierBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
2244American Amber AleAndrew DavisonMelbourne Brewers
Category: Strong Ale and Lager
1123.5English Barleywinebrendan guildMelbourne Brewers
2119.5American IPABarry RobertsBayside Brewers
3118Imperial IPABrendan O'SullivanInner Circle Brewers
4117.5English IPAGeorge JohnBayside Brewers
5113.5Traditional BockBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
6105.5American IPADereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
7104.5American IPAMark StanfordWestgate Brewers
8104DoppelbockDiti HaniotisNo Club
9103English IPAAndrew HawleyMelbourne Brewers
10101.5American IPAMark KiddWorthogs
11101.5DoppelbockMikko PludraBayside Brewers
1293American IPAYosu PlazaBayside Brewers
1393Old Ale (English Strong Ale)John KingstonWestgate Brewers
1492American IPAThomas DelgattoNo Club
1591American IPABryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1690American BarleywineBrendan O'SullivanInner Circle Brewers
1789.5English IPACameron BaguleyMelbourne Brewers
1887.5Traditional BockMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1987.5Traditional BockDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
2086.5American IPADavid PhillipsWorthogs
2186.5American IPAMichael HewesMelbourne Brewers
2281American IPAbrendan guildMelbourne Brewers
2381American IPARichard WhitebrookMelbourne Brewers
2479.5American IPAMatt van der PeetNo Club
2578.5DoppelbockChris TaylorMelbourne Brewers
2674English BarleywineMatt van der PeetNo Club
2774American BarleywineBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
2869English IPAJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2967Doppelbockpauline PearsonNo Club
3057.5DoppelbockJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
Category: British Ale
1118Scottish AleSimon BorgMelbourne Brewers
2114English Special/Best Bitterrod pattersonBayside Brewers
3106Mild Alerod pattersonBayside Brewers
4103English Special/Best BitterMikko PludraBayside Brewers
5100English Extra Special BitterJohn KillmisterBayside Brewers
698Mild AleJethro McMullochBayside Brewers
797English Extra Special BitterAndrew HawleyMelbourne Brewers
896English Extra Special BitterBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
996English Extra Special BitterShaun RaymerBayside Brewers
1095English Special/Best BitterAndrew McDermottBayside Brewers
1194English Special/Best BitterBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
1293Mild AleCHAN LAYBayside Brewers
1387English Special/Best BitterMark StanfordWestgate Brewers
1484Scottish AleMark HibberdBayside Brewers
1583English Special/Best BitterFergus McGregorWestgate Brewers
1682English Special/Best BitterAndre SchertelBayside Brewers
1782English Extra Special BitterBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1878English Extra Special BitterMikko PludraBayside Brewers
1977English Special/Best BitterMark JohnstoneNo Club
2076Scottish AleCHAN LAYBayside Brewers
2172Irish Red AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2269English Extra Special BitterGeoff BryantBayside Brewers
2368English Extra Special BitterJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2464English Extra Special BitterCameron BaguleyMelbourne Brewers
250Scottish AleDamian MuscovichNo Club
Category: Porter and Stout
1125Oatmeal StoutDiti HaniotisNo Club
2122Baltic PorterAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
3118Sweet StoutMartin WoznickiNo Club
4117Russian Imperial StoutBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
5115Oatmeal StoutImants VitolinsWorthogs
6115Russian Imperial StoutJohn ChapmanMelbourne Brewers
7113Robust PorterBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
8110Dry StoutGeoff DalyWestgate Brewers
9110Australian/Foreign Extra StoutMark StanfordWestgate Brewers
10107Australian/Foreign Extra StoutCameron BaguleyMelbourne Brewers
11102Baltic PorterMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1297Russian Imperial StoutJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
1395Australian/Foreign Extra Stoutmichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
1492Robust PorterDavid PhillipsWorthogs
1590Robust PorterDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
1690Robust PorterCameron BaguleyMelbourne Brewers
1788Dry StoutBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1886Russian Imperial StoutBrendan O'SullivanInner Circle Brewers
1985Brown PorterDereck HalesMelbourne Brewers
2085Brown PorterYosu PlazaBayside Brewers
2173Robust PorterBrendan O'SullivanInner Circle Brewers
Category: Belgian Ale
1124TripelMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
2115SaisonMark JohnstoneNo Club
3113.5Belgian Strong Golden Alemichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
4113Biere de GardeMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
5110.5SaisonAndrew HawleyMelbourne Brewers
6103.5Belgian Strong Dark AleJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
7103.5Belgian Strong Dark AleMark HibberdBayside Brewers
8103SaisonRichard WhitebrookMelbourne Brewers
9103SaisonAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
1098DubbelBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
1196Biere de GardeAndrew HawleyMelbourne Brewers
1294.5SaisonMark StanfordWestgate Brewers
1393Belgian Strong Dark AleMichael HewesMelbourne Brewers
1489DubbelMatt DanielMelbourne Brewers
1586.5DubbelBarry RobertsBayside Brewers
1682TripelBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
1780Dubbelgeorge johnBayside Brewers
1874.5TripelJethro McMullochBayside Brewers
1972DubbelMikko PludraBayside Brewers
2071.5DubbelAndre SchertelBayside Brewers
2171.5SaisonJohn KingstonWestgate Brewers
2268DubbelBrett TyrrellBayside Brewers
2358.5Dubbelmichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
240DubbelJethro McMullochBayside Brewers
Category: Wheat and Rye Beer
1107WitbierStuart BehrendNo Club
2104WitbierMark JohnstoneNo Club
3103WeizenbockSteve WalkerMelbourne Brewers
4102Berliner WeissThomas DelgattoNo Club
599Weizen/WeissbierBryce van DenderenBayside Brewers
697Dunkelweizenjohn sheehanNo Club
794Weizen/WeissbierLinton YoungMelbourne Brewers
890WeizenbockMark HibberdBayside Brewers
987DunkelweizenMichael BowronWestgate Brewers
1083Berliner WeissBrendan O'SullivanInner Circle Brewers
1182.5WitbierAaron PetersenWestgate Brewers
1271.5DunkelweizenBraden JackmanMelbourne Brewers
1369Dunkelweizenmichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
1464WeizenbockChris TaylorMelbourne Brewers
1562Weizen/Weissbiermichael guenzelMelbourne Brewers
1644Weizen/WeissbierChris TaylorMelbourne Brewers
170WitbierDarren PiasenteNo Club

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